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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Novomatic has a tendency to be a little dated with many of the products it releases these days, which can sometimes affect the popularity of its games. However, when it comes to their release entitled ‘Amazing Stars’, they’ve managed to add a little bit of the modern to a game which is still building on traditional slots of the old. That being said, they can’t get everything right on the first time around, as they’ve still not managed to update the terrible sounding arcade noise that plays every time you spin the reels. However, if you were to compare this one with their product called ‘Always Hot’, you’ll find it to be a lot more contemporary in terms of how it looks and how general game play is.

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What’s Amazing About It?

There are a multitude of games out there which still utilise the slot symbols from days gone by. That means, you’ll find nothing but icons of fruit making appearances on the reels. This product is much the same, except the fruit has been updated to give it a more three dimensional appearance, and at the same time, enhance your gaming experience. So, while other games with these symbols may end up looking a little flat on the screen, the grapes, plums, lemons, oranges, cherries and half watermelons in this one are very nicely designed. You can almost reach in and take one of them to start munching on while you play, and that marks the sign of progress for this developer.

The reels are five strong, while the rows are currently offered as three. Novomatic have added five separate pay lines into the game as well, none of which are able to be customised. Players do have the chance to be able to switch the amount they bet per spin though, which can be done by simply pressing on the plus and minus buttons next to the current amount. The value starts from $0.08 per line and is able to be altered up to $20 per line. This gives players the opportunity to place a maximum overall wager of $100 per spin.

Are the Stars Out Tonight?

This game features a scatter icon in the shape of a golden star. These are able to appear anywhere on the reels, and should three or more show up during a spin, you’ll be rewarded with the activation of the freespins round. A total of 10 freespins will be provided and the three, four or five scatter icons which triggered the round will remain in place for the duration of it. Any other star icons appearing during the round will also hold their position. These don’t provide a pay out on every freespin though. Instead, a single win is collected at the end based on the number of scatters that landed during the round. If you manage to collect 15 stars, thereby covering the entire screen with them, you’ll win the ‘Star Jackpot’ and subsequently end the bonus round.

There’s a second jackpot offered in this game as well, which is the ‘7 Jackpot’. This can be won by spinning five 7 icons on a pay line. With the maximum stakes, the basic win is for five of these icons and 20% of the jackpot, which is shown in the top left corner above the reels.

Finally, as is fairly common with most games by this developer, Amazing Stars features a gamble option. This is triggered at the end of every win in the main game, and allows you to gamble your winnings. It’s a 50/50 chance that you’re provided with, except on the very last gamble step. If the top win is smaller than twice the win on the last gamble-step, the chance will be increased accordingly in relation to the top win, with the advantage going to the player.

Have an Amazing Time with This One!

It’s true that many of the games coming from this developer may follow a similar sort of pattern when it comes to layouts and game play. But, there’s something appealing about Amazing Stars. Perhaps it’s the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot. Or perhaps it’s the fact that there’s an alternative gamble feature added that doesn’t require you to guess playing card colours. In any event, it’s a game that’s wwell worth trying out.