Amazon’s Diamonds Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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We’re not quite sure what sort of journey we’re embarking on with Amazon’s Diamonds, but what we do know is that it involves a lot of stunning ladies, which can never be a bad thing. Add to that the fact that the payouts can be quite generous, and you have the makings of a fine real cash slot.

Seeing as this casino activity is from Novomatic, there’s a lot we can expect to see when the gaming screen loads, most notably the way the game is presented and how the gameplay works. Rarely does the brand ever move away from its typical mechanics, which can be a blessing and a curse, depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on.

Regardless of how you feel about the way it plays and looks, there’s a serving of some stacked scatter symbols that can lead to many MANY free spins. Then you have the chance of reaching rewards worth 300,000 credits, though for that you’ll have to pay a steep fee.

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Big Red Balls

This may sound like something to be concerned with, given a different situation, but when playing Amazon’s Diamonds, you’ll be wanting to see those balls lining up on the 5-reels. The reason for this is that they’re the scatter symbols we mentioned in the beginning, and with them you can get some juicy wins, both before and during the free games that they bring.

Usually in slot machines, you have the option to get between three and five matches, with the fifth granting you access to the best rewards, but here you need between seven and nine. This is due to the fact that the middle reels – the second, third and fourth – are the only places where the scatter icons can land. Although you can make up a large square of icons, you don’t need to do that to be activate the feature game.

When we managed to bag ourselves eight spins, which we were very surprised about, we ended up winning 600 credits. That’s quite the haul for a real cash slot that’s known for being a challenge to play; as is the Novomatic way, we’d like to add.

What Are We Seeing?

Okay, as much as we want to focus on the ins and outs of this activity, we have to talk about the theme of the game, for we’re not quite sure what it’s about. Is Amazon referring to the Amazon or is it one of the names of the ladies we keep seeing on the paytable? Secondly, what overall aesthetic are the brand going for, because right now we’re at a loss entirely. Nothing is flowing here, and that’s certainly going to be an issue for a lot of gamers.

Themes can make or break a slot machine, even when the setup is of a classic nature, and so for Novomatic to be so careless as to mix and match elements together seems mad. However, that’s what they’ve done, and so we’re left with a head scratcher of a title. It looks nice, but what it’s trying to convey or capture is anyone’s guess. Answers on postcard, please.

For the Love of Money

When you play a Novomatic slot machine, you’re usually going to have to accept that if you don’t go big with your bets, you seriously miss out on the rewards. That’s not speculation, it’s fact. The brand is known to link what you punt to want you earn, meaning that those who play it safe get the least returns.

Therefore, if you have 9,000 credits to spare (congratulations if you do), that’s the amount you’ll need to put down to get a sniff at the top win of 300,000. Anything lower than that stake and you’re looking at a significantly reduced figure, all the way down to a lowly 1,000 credits for five wilds. As much as we’d like to pretend there’s no difference, that would be a bare faced lie – look at how much you lose out on by betting just 30 coins?! And it’s not like 30 credits is cheap.

Walk on By

We try and always see the good in the slots we play, but sometimes that’s harder to do than others, like with Amazon’s Diamonds. This game just doesn’t do it for us, there’s simply not enough variance to engage with that makes us want to continue playing; once we’ve seen the features, we’re out of there. Done. You may feel differently, but for many this’ll probably be a one trick pony.