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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Taking on the exact same theme as ‘Bananas go Bahamas’, this game could actually be the very same product save for one or two icon changes. It would be more understandable to see it offered if it had updated graphics or the addition of a relevant soundtrack other than something thought up on a child’s Yamaha keyboard, or even with something altered in terms of the symbols used. However, it appears as though Novomatic got bored one month, decided that there weren’t enough products out there representing fruits going on holiday and having fun, and decided instead to replicate one game and simply change around the special symbols. It seems a little bit lazy to us, especially considering they also both focus on and have titles relating to bananas.

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Crazy Repetition

We’re not sure which game came out first, or even if they were so far apart from being released, but you’ll find that the same base icons have been included in Banana Splash as are present in Bananas Go Bahamas. Therefore, you’ll be presented with a watermelon sunbathing in a hammock, a pineapple paddling around in a blow up ring, a coconut in the midst of playing the bongos, an odd looking banana, a strawberry taking on the water skis, and a mango rushing to dive into some underwater snorkelling. Only when the banana is animated as part of a win do you realise that it’s actually in the middle of surfing a big wave. Furthermore, the only apt music that occurs within the game takes place during the freespins round, where tropical sounding instruments come together to form a piece of music that would be worthy on a Caribbean beach.

A total of five reels are included in the game, while three rows have also been added alongside. Nine pay lines have also been integrated, although you can alter these to allow yourself to wager on a single one, three, five, or seven as an alternative. You can change the coin value in this game from $0.50 to $1 and to $2. Then, you’re able to choose how many coins you play per line, with the maximum amount being 100. Therefore, maxing everything out and having all nine pay lines active will allow you to place a maximum wager of 900 coins.

Ride the Wave of Probability

It’s quite clear to anyone who has ever played Novomatic games before that a gamble feature is almost always going to be included in their offerings. Banana Splash is no different to this, with the ability to gamble being activated after every win in the main game. Here, you have the choice of taking the win as it is, or gambling it in a game of ‘Guess the Colour of the Card’. Choosing to gamble will see you needing to do just that, guess the colour of the next playing card to be turned over. Guessing correctly will double your winnings, while guessing incorrectly will see you lose it all.

The inclusion of a scatter symbol, represented by the shot of the private beach resort, provides this game with its ability to offer freespins. Spinning three or more of these in any position during the main game will reward you with 15 freespins of the reels, and during that round, all prizes are tripled. Freespins can also be re-triggered during the feature.

In addition, the surfing banana acts as the game’s wild icon. In doing so, it will stand in for all other symbols in order to make a winning combination, and should it ever be a part of such, it will double the pay out as well.

Imitation Is One Thing, Almost a Complete Replica is Another!

We enjoy playing games with certain themes. The amount of products with an Egyptian theme or a space theme are numerous online, but they all come in various different incarnations of the one topic. This one actually works in just about the same way as the other game previously mentioned, and it’s from one and the same developer. However, of the two products, this one is the better incarnation of it, which is one good point about it.