Cirque du Cheval Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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With an exotic air of mystique and sophistication, all hail the arrival of the elegant Cirque du Cheval! In English the title doesn’t seem half as interesting – Circus Horse – but the French version is undeniably stylish, both by name and in appearance.

But will you be riding high by the end of this game, or will you find yourself all in a spin? Here’s a look at Cirque du Cheval by Novomatic with all that you need to know.

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Eclectic and Elegant

The traditional circus is a blend of elegance and quirkiness and developer Novomatic have captured it perfectly here.

With gilded decorations and traditional script, the carousel horses will be a blast from the past which is familiar yet still somewhat unsettling.

Take your place for the ride of your life, in a game which is opulent but also faintly disturbing.

Ride the Carousel

You’ll notice when spinning the reels that the final positions of the symbols are quite unusual for a slot, with many reels containing an entire stack of identical symbols. This peculiarity is because there’s a special feature in the game known as the Carousel.

To activate the Carousel feature you’ll need to spin an entire reel of identical symbols on reel 1 while simultaneously landing the carousel on reel 5. The carousel does not feature on any other reel. If you manage this combination, all of the reels will move to the right. The symbols which now appear on reel 1 will be identical to the symbols in reel 2, giving you a great chance of a win.

There’s more to come from the carousel too! If one reel 1, the stack comprises of 4 tickets and the carousel is on reel 5 yet again, you’ll win free spins. Before that happens the reels will move to the right between 2 and 4 times, with all the new symbols which arrive being tickets. Depending on how many tickets you have in total on the game board, you’ll win between 12 and 20 free spins.

This kind of stacked wild is an unusual feature in Novoamtic games, but if you enjoy this style of play you might also want to take a look at The Vanishing Act by IGT or Ancient Arcadia by High 5 Games.

Big Payouts

On Cirque du Cheval there’s no progressive jackpot, but if you’re looking for a big payday, don’t let this deter you from playing.

If you land five of the logo symbol, you’ll win yourself a cool 25,000; even landing four will give you a scoop of 7,500. With the next three prizes for matching five symbols coming in at 7,500, 6,250 and 5,000, there’s plenty of scope for hitting a big win if you’re lucky.

The logo symbols doubles up as the wild, and there’s a gamble feature too. For seasoned Novomatic players, the format of this will be very familiar as it’s just the standard card game. However, you can double your money by guessing the correct colour of the card to be overturned, and you can repeat this gamble many times giving you the potential of a huge win – if you’re brave.

Setting Your Bets

Cirque du Cheval has five reels in a standard configuration but a mighty 40 paylines, offering you a huge number of chances to win.

And this doesn’t have to mean lots of money spent on the stake either with each line coming in at a minimum of 0.01, adding up to a total minimum bet for all lines of just 0.40.

If you’ve got deeper pockets you can increase the coin value to 2.00. Only one coin is payable per line and this brings a total max bet of 80.00 per spin.

With a medium to high volatility, but a theoretical RTP of 96% you may need to wait a while for a big win but you’ve good a pretty good chance if you can stick it out.

Circus Horses

Cirque du Cheval by Novomatic takes a familiar format and creates an unusual theme and in the process, reinvents the play. With the inclusion of stacked reels, there’s a difference to this Novomatic title, making it seem fresh even to regular players. With plenty of big prizes there’s lots to keep high rollers interested as well as accommodating low betters too.