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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra was the last ruler of Egypt before it became part of the larger Roman Empire and it’s perhaps for this reason that this glamorous leader is so much loved. Cleopatra’s Choice by Novomatic celebrates the wealth and beauty of this Egyptian queen who is still so revered many centuries after her reign.

But will you too fall under the Nile Queen’s famous spell? Here’s a look at Cleopatra’s Choice by Novomatic to see exactly what you should expect.

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Riches Galore

The Egyptians were famous for their love of life’s pleasures, and none more so than Cleopatra herself. Determined to enjoy her wealth to the fullest, there are many stories about the pleasures she liked to partake of during her time on the throne.

Novomatic clearly have a fondness for the Egyptian queen, having also released Cleopatra: Last of the Pharaohs, which is also a tribute to her rule. This slot, under the Gaminator label, brilliantly captures the hot, arid and exotic nature of the land in which she lived.

From the moment you open the game, you’ll be dazzled by the golden sands, so rich in colour that the desert could almost be paved with gold. Palm trees and pyramids stand on the horizon while on the reels you’ll find a whole host of traditional symbols such as the Eye of Ra, the scarab beetle and Anubis.

All of the colours are rich and jewel-like and there’s an undeniable feeling of opulence about the whole game from top to bottom.

Get Ready to Play

Before you start to play, check out the prizes on offer in the paytable. This is a good strategy as it allows you to work out the optimal level of betting for the potential returns.

Playing on 5 reels and with just 5 paylines, it’s not the largest game in the Novomatic collection but there are plenty of options to adjust your betting with the coin value. Between 10 and 2000 can be bet per line, giving an overall minimum bet of 50 and a max bet of 10,000 for the high rollers.

Just like during her time in Egypt, Cleopatra rules the paytable offering the highest payout of 50,000 in return for matching five symbols along a payline. Anubis is another top win, offering 25,000 for a match of five.

If you land three scatter symbols, you’ll also receive a mystery prize which could be worth up to x1,000. Just pick one of the symbols to reveal what you’ve won.

Enter the Pyramid

As well as the standard wins on the reels, there’s a special bonus game in Cleopatra’s Choice which can award you with extra prizes. Unlike many of the other Novomatic games, this is a true bonus and not just a few free spins on the reels.

The bonus is triggered by landing three of the special pyramid symbols along the payline; you’ll find them on reels 3, 4 and 5.

Once unlocked, you’ll be taken to a screen where there’s the choice of five separate chambers to enter. Situated in the heart of the temple, there’s an eerie golden glow emanating from each of the doors. Every chamber contains cash wins but there’s also one extra door which takes you through to the Mystery Bonus Room. Once here, you’ll have to pick a book to receive an extra mystery prize.

Pick your route carefully and you could win a big prize…

Double or Quits?

As well as the extras on the reels, if you land a win you could have the chance of doubling up your prize if you accept the invitation to gamble.

It’s the same card game that regular Novomatic players will have seen on their other slots, just with an extra design stuck to the back of the card. It’s a simple game of chance so it’s up to you whether you dare to risk forfeiting your whole prize for the possibility of winning double…

Play the Pyramids

Cleopatra’s Choice by Novomatic utilises the very popular Egyptian theme, creating some beautiful graphics and screenplay in the meantime. There are also quite a few features packed in and the possibility of good wins, even without the inclusion of a progressive jackpot. Simple enough to keep newbies happy, but there may not be frequent enough wins to satisfy low rollers, this is a solid title from an established developer.