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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’re after a truly classical online gambling experience, then the first thing you should be on the lookout for is fruit. Fruit symbols have been a feature of slot games since 1909, and their popularity has hardly diminished to this day. While there is an abundance of latest online casino games that feature outstanding graphics and stunning symbols, there is something strangely charming about the old classic fruit machine slot symbols. Thankfully, the biggest and best slot developers seem very keen to keep fruit at the fore of gamblers’ minds.

Among the latest online slots to be released with a fruit machine theme is Club 2000 Casino by Novomatic. In the Club 2000 Casino video slot, Novomatic brings fruity symbols into the 21st century with a splash of colour, some exciting rewards, and a special mystery jackpot symbol to keep you on the edge of your seat. Ready to play some classic slots with a twist? Take a closer look at the free Club 2000 Casino slot.

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The Start of a Fruity Fiesta

The first thing you’re likely to notice about Club 2000 Casino by Novomatic is just how classic the slot really looks – not in terms of graphic design, but more in the choice of symbols used. The pay table in Club 2000 Casino is packed full of fruit symbols and a couple of other additions that fans of classic slots will recognise straightaway. The classic cherry and lemon symbols are present alongside other fruits, such as the high-paying watermelon and the low-paying orange. Joining the fruit are liberty bells, stars, bell-fruit symbols, and the Club symbol.

While the symbols are certainly classic in nature, Novomatic did not hold back when it came to adding a dash of vibrancy to their look. Each symbol is like a piece of pop art featuring a simplistic design finished in bright, eye-catching colours. Combined with the traditional slot machine sounds, the Club 2000 Casino starts to come to life – not just as a traditional set of reels, but as an intriguing modern slot with plenty of added attention from the developers over at Novomatic.

Become a Gambling Star

Club 2000 Casino includes a careful mix of classic and modern bonus elements, giving players a back-to-basics feel without eliminating too much of the excitement. Kicking off the bonus side of Club 2000 Casino is the Club symbol. This is a true standout addition in the pay table, and you’ll notice it instantly when it makes an appearance on the reels.

What sets the Club symbol apart is its ability to deliver a mystery prize when two or three symbols appear on a win line. This is a little different to the standard gameplay, where any three symbols can land the player a win on the 5×3-reel layout with 81 criss-crossing paylines. With the Club symbol, the possible jackpots on a max bet range from 1000 credits to 50,000. This is the highest payout in the game, on par with the reward for landing three of the bell-fruit symbols.

Whether you land a win with the Club symbol, or any other symbol in the game, you get chance to check out the second bonus element – the gamble feature. The slot’s gamble feature is another classic addition which features in many online casino games, both new and old. The gamble symbol lets you take any win and double it multiple times. In Club 2000 Casino, the gamble game feature takes the form of a moving coin flip, with the player having to select heads or tails to double their win.

Follow the Fruit

Classical-themed slots are not in short supply in casino online rooms. Whether you want a true classic with no features, or a completely modern twist on the traditional style, you’ll find something to fit your tastes at the most popular online casinos. Side Winner by Auxogames is a slot worth a spin if you’re after some new fruit wins. The high-variance rating deviates the gameplay slightly from the medium-to-high rating of Club 2000 Casino, with wins that truly pack a fruity punch.

If you’re after a slot that’s completely out of this world, but pretty down to earth with its fruity content, Arcade Bomb by Red Tiger is a top one to try. The return-to-player-percentage of 95% matches the RTP in Club 2000 Casino, delivering a similar type of gameplay. If you enjoyed the simple but fun style of Club 2000 Casino, then Arcade Bomb is a great slot to give a test spin.

A Classical Fruit Feast

While Club 2000 Casino may not be the most graphically pleasing slot in online casino rooms, it has its own unique charm that makes it a highly enjoyable game to try out. The way that Novomatic has elevated the gameplay from classic to modern brings a whole new sense of excitement to the otherwise very traditionally designed online slot. This is especially the case with the addition of the mystery symbols, making each spin on Club 2000 Casino give you the potential of winning a massive jackpot.

You can take a spin on Club 2000 Casino’s 81 paylines for a low-limit bet of 0.20, or a high-limit bet of up to 100 credits when you play at real money casinos. Alternatively, you can choose to play for free. With its extensive bet limit range, the slot appeals to the high roller as well as to anyone who prefers to stick to the safer side of betting. If you’re after massive features and brand-new symbols, Club 2000 Casino may not be the slot for you. But for a fun blast from the past and some enjoyable gameplay on desktop or mobile, Novomatic’s classical spin is definitely a top choice.