Fates and Furies Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Experience the power of the ancient Greek goddesses as you challenge Mount Olympus to the ultimate battle. Fates and Furies by Novomatic summons earth wind, ice and fire as a frantic game on the reels plays out before your eyes.

Will you be able to conquer the combined might of the goddesses of revenge and fate to take home some serious cash? Here’s a review of Fates and Furies by Novomatic with everything you need to know for play.

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Heritage and History

This online slot draws on a number of Greek legends to create a fantasy game which really sparks the imagination.

From Orion, the mythical hunter who was immortalised in the sky at night to the blonde haired and beautiful Fate, there’s a great array of characters who are ready and waiting to take you on.

But more than just the goddesses and famous figures, there’s also precious artefacts on the reels too including shields, winged helmets, jewel covered spearheads and cauldrons sprouting blue flames.

Lucky Six

Fates and Furies is a bigger slot than many, with a full 6 reels and a generous 25 paylines. It’s this extra 6th slot which offers some of the special features in the game.

The paytable reveals the prizes which lay hidden awaiting discovery, with 2,000 the top prize on offer for matching five of the top value symbol. This decreases to just 300 for matching five of the lowest value symbol, so there’s quite a variation in the payouts on offer.

To get a prize of any kind, you don’t need to match all five symbols as payouts begin for a combination of three. For matching three you’ll receive between 10 and 100, depending on the symbol.

If you’re willing to take a risk you could always opt for the gamble, a play which is unlocked when you win on the reels.

You’ll need to predict the right colour of the card which is about to be turned over. If you get it right, you’ll double your winnings with the chance to bet again, But if you lose, your prize money will shrink to zero and you’ll be returned to the main game!

Unexpected Extras

Although you won’t have a whole bonus game to enjoy, there are some extra features which could really liven up the play. When any of the four elements slots into position on the final reel, there’s a whole host of special features which can be unlocked.

If you land Fury of the Earth, all of the queens, jacks and tens into symbols which are worth more.

Fury of the Wind lets rip with her gusts of breath, scrambling up all of the combinations on screen. If fate looks kindly on you, this could create new formations which you can keep to win big prizes.

Keeping with the same theme, Fury of the Fire sets some of the symbols alight, transforming them into wilds in the process.

And Fury of the Ice freezes both Orions and wilds while releasing all the other symbols to spin again, giving you the chance of matching more combinations.

All of these Furies also double up as a wild, substituting for many others on the reels although there are some exclusions.

The scatter symbol provides 7 free spins if you land at least three, and provides one random Fury win with every turn. During these games the Fury applies as if the symbol had appeared on reel number 6.
Hit the top spot

If you’re aiming to win high, the progressive jackpot available on this game might grab your interest.

To be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need Fate on reel six; without her appearance you won’t unlock the jackpot. A proportion of everything you bet goes towards the progressive jackpot and you can follow the value by checking in the top right of the screen. If you’re playing on a max bet you are eligible to win the whole amount. Lower bets would receive a proportionate payout.

Defeat Mount Olympus

Fates and Furies by Novomatic is an online slot with a captivating theme. Sure to be a hit with anyone who loves Greek legends and folklore, there’s a generous range of extra features on this game which provide plenty of chances to win.