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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you thought classic fruit slot play was boring and without any character, this new interpretation from Novomatic will challenge your preconceptions. Fruit Fest may feature the same old fruit symbols but in a way that you’re guaranteed to never have seen them before! From grumpy cherries to sassy watermelon, these fruit come with an attitude…

But the question remains, will these fruit be fun enough to capture your imagination or just leave you feeling like a sour lemon? Take a look at this review of Fruit Fest from Novomatic for all the information you could possible need.

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Cute Characters

With all of the fruit characters on the reels exploding with life, it’s kind of obvious that the graphics in this game are more cartoon like than based in realism! After all, when did you last see a grinning strawberry….?!

And these fruit punnets are jam packed with personality with a whole range of facial expressions that simply defy you not to fall in love!

From beaming stars (OK, not technically a fruit…) to coquettish lemons and alarmed oranges, there’s no end to the interesting features you’ll find in this game.

Novomatic have deliberately designed the game so that all of the emphasis is on the reels. The background is a deep red – considered a very lucky colour in some cultures! – and this swirls and sparkles without being a distraction.

Set Your Bet

Before you send your fruity friends whizzing around the reels you’ll need to take a look at the betting set-up so you don’t blow your budget in a single move.

It’s an unusual set up because there’s neither 3 reels nor 5 reels, Novomatic have opted for the odd decision to create four! And on these four reels there’s 10 paylines with the possibility of betting between 4 and 1,000 per line. This creates a total max bet of 10,000 for those who want to bet high.

You might want to check out the prizes before you decide how much to bet so head over to the paytable.

You’ll get a payout for matching up three or four symbols along an active payline with the wins starting at 60 for a combination of three. This increases to 20,000 for a line of four of the top value symbol.

Party On!

As well as lining up the regular symbols on the board, you can also increase your prizes in other ways too.

Look out in particular for the party games which appear on the reels when unlocked. Match three to win 10 party games or match four to land 30 party games.

During the party games, just like the main game, you’ll be looking for a match on the reels but once a win has been identified and the credits added to your balance, these symbols then disappear. The rest of the board moves down and new symbols are added. The process is then repeated with any more winning lines being added.

The party games only stop once there are no more winning combinations visible on the board.

Risky Wins

You can play the slots whether you’re naturally a cautious individual or an adrenaline-seeking risk-taker! Simply alter your strategy to suit your outlook and start to play.

However, if it’s the really big prizes you’re chasing then the Gamble feature might be of interest but it’s not a game for the faint of heart.

Based on pure chance, you’ll need to be able to correctly predict the right colour card in order to claim double your prize. But there’s no shot at increasing your money without risk; if you guess the wrong way, you’ll leave empty handed…

If you win the Gamble feature, you can opt to repeat it again up to five times. Of course, the more you play it the greater the chance that you’ll eventually fail with your luck running out so it’s up to you how often you want to gamble, if at all.

Funky Fruit

Fruit Fest by Novomatic is an online slot which doesn’t look particularly modern but offers a flawless play even if it isn’t the most innovative on the market. Fusing classic slots with a more contemporary feel, this game is likely to be enjoyed by a wide variety of players.