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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The amount of online slot games utilising fruit machine icons that Novomatic have thrown together are numerous in count. That being said, some of them are a lot more interesting to play than others. This one, Fruits ‘n Sevens, is unfortunately one of the games which falls into the latter category, presenting players with a game which is almost dull to play when compared to many other products that are available. Of course, there is the strong possibility that this one was created long before many of today’s graphically advanced options were introduced, so as far as that goes, we won’t take that into consideration when fully reviewing the product. One thing that is good about this game is the fact that it utilises a completely different soundtrack to what occurs in many other Novomatic games. Therefore, you’re not likely to hear too much of the arcade nonsense which is found in many others.

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2-Dimensional Icons

Fruits ‘n Sevens offers up a layout of five reels and three rows, which is obviously familiar to plenty of gamers. As mentioned, it’s a game that takes icons from the traditional slot machines and throws them into an online video slot, so you’ll find lemons, plums, cherries, oranges and watermelons, as well as the introduction of apples and kiwis in the place of the much-loved grapes. In addition, and of course, because the game is titled as it is, you also get the inclusion of 7s onto the reels as well. These are all very flat looking, taking on a 2D form that has been surrounded by an almost photoshop-looking white outline. They also don’t have any form of animation in place for when a winning combination is created, meaning that everything seems to fall together in a bit of a lack lustre way.

The developer has also included five separate pay lines into the game, which are fixed at that amount. You do have the option of changing the bet you place per round though, by using the plus and minus buttons at either side of the current amount shown. Doing so allows you to change this from the minimum of $0.08 up to the maximum of $20 per line. Therefore, players have the chance of placing a maximum overall wager of $100 per spin.

Anything Special Included?

As mentioned, this game is not one of the best products ever put out there, so the inclusion of extra features is not something that has taken a hold with it. The number 7 symbol does work as the highest paying icon, and also works in favour of the inclusive jackpot as well. The current amount for this can be seen at the top right of the reels, and if you manage to spin five of the number 7 icons on a winning pay line, this total will be paid out to you in full.

In addition to this, the only other speciality that this product incorporates is a gamble feature. This isn’t the usual kind of gambling game that is offered though. In place of the deck of cards that you’d normally be presented, you instead get a ladder of a few different steps. A flashing light begins at the bottom, and you simply need to press the gamble button to see whether or not it will allow you to proceed, and in the process double your winnings. The odds are 50/50 on this, except for when it reaches the very last gamble step. If the top win is smaller than twice the win on this step, the gamble chance will be increased accordingly in relation to the top win. If you lose the gamble, your winnings are entirely lost.

Crush the Fruits

It’s reached the time now that companies should be able to create compelling games from a variety of different themes. And if it comes to using traditional icons in one of their video slots, they should theoretically be able to expand upon the norm of what’s already been seen and done before. With that being the case, we can’t really give an overwhelmingly shining review of this one. Novomatic is a big enough company and should probably remove this one from its catalogue. We don’t think anyone will miss it somehow.