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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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With a name like ‘Hollywood Star’, you’d think that this game would be flooded with celebrities of A-list status. Or perhaps those classic film stars like Fred Astaire, or Rita Hayworth. And what about the Hollywood walk of fame? With stars from a multitude of the biggest names in show-business, movies, music and everything else. Well, unfortunately, you’d be completely off the beaten track with all of those notions because this game actually takes on more of a classic slot machine guise than anything else, at least as far as its icons are concerned. It seems quite to odd to say, because it’s usually the incorporated theme music that Novomatic is pulled up on frequently. However, this time, they’ve gone from providing decent icons and a decent theme with lousy soundtrack, to a decent and relevant soundtrack with a lack lustre set of reels. There seems to very rarely be a case of a decent happy medium for this developer.

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Greta Garbo and Monroe. Deitrich and DiMaggio…

Well, as far as icons on the reels go, you won’t find many of the classic film stars. In fact, the only one from the list that you will find included in this product is Marilyn Monroe. And while both she and the music very nicely fit in line with the game’s theme, the rest of the symbols don’t particularly seem to have much to do with anything. Rather than make a bid for continuity, Novomatic appear to have gotten lazy half way through creating this one. So, rather than other film stars, you’ll find the reels filled with fruit icons from the classic slot machines. Therefore, lemons, grapes, oranges, watermelons, cherries and plums will all be making appearances where icons of Grace Kelly, Gene Kelly and others could have been.

Hollywood Star also feature five reels and three rows, thereby providing gamers with a very familiar layout to play on. The developer has added five separate pay lines to the game as well, which are fixed in place. However, when it comes to the wager you’re able to place per round, you can very readily change this from its minimum of $0.08 per line to its maximum of $20 per line. Therefore, all players are able to place a maximum overall wager of $100 per spin.

…Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean on the Cover of a Magazine.

The icon of Marilyn Monroe acts as the game’s highest paying symbol, so should you spin five of these across the reels, you’ll be rewarded with a pay out of up to $100,000, depending upon the wager you placed.

There is also a scatter icon included alongside, which is the golden star of the traditional slot machines. These pay out wherever they appear on the reels, with five of them offering up a pay out of $5,000 should your wager be at maximum level.

The only other feature that has been added into this one is the ever present choice of gambling your winnings. This particular feature is triggered after ever winning combination that is created. You’ll be given the choice of taking your winnings as they are, or playing a side game in order to try and increase them. If you choose to go for the latter decision, you’ll be taken to a screen with a deck of playing cards. Your only job here is to guess the colour of the next card to be turned over. Guessing correctly will see your winnings doubled, while an incorrect guess sees them disappear.

More of a Flop Than Anything Else

If this game were a film released to the general public, then it would surely be an actual flop. It just doesn’t make use of any kind of theme and game play is very limited in terms of special features. There isn’t even a wild icon in this one. It’s one thing to have a successful soundtrack added to one of your products, but for some reason, this provider doesn’t frequently realise that they need to have consistent music, theme and icons all rolled into one, rather than just one of them placed blatantly in the middle of a product.