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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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One thing that Novomatic are probably known for is its series of deluxe games, and Just Jewels is part of such. Each of the games within this series supposedly feature increased immersion via the use of high definition graphics and specially recorded and integrated game sounds. The provider must have dropped the ball when it came to this product though, as it still provides that ultimately frustrating arcade noise whenever the reels are spun. However, in terms of graphics, it is very nicely designed, and stands head and shoulders above many of their other products. Of course, with a title like Just Jewels, it’s fairly clear to see from the get go what the theme is based around. Although, this particular theme has been exceptionally overdone in slot games, much like that of the fruit-based products out there.

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Shining, Sparkling Gemstones

The game itself is made up of five separate reels and three rows, which gives it a familiar layout for gamers. As noted, the interface is filled with various different symbols, although just about all of them are relative to the shiny jewels and how expensive they are. Of these, there’s a blue teardrop shaped one, a red heart-shaped offering, a purple square and a green circular disc. Making up the remainder of the icons is a lavish looking crown, some ingots of gold and several wads of cash stacked on top of each other. And while the frequently appearing Novomatic noises show up when the reels are spinning, an altogether different sound is played when wins are formed. It’s almost as if you’re the winner on a cheesy 90s game show.

As well as its icons, reels and rows, Just Jewels provides gamers with 10 different pay lines, and these can be customised in order for you to be able to wager on as many as you like. Not only that, but all players can also change the bet placed per line. This begins from its minimum of two coins and is able to be increased to a maximum of 1,000. That being the case, all gamers participating in rounds of this game can wager a maximum overall total of 10,000 coins per spin. There’s also a ‘Max Bet’ button incorporated for you to instantly wager your highest possible amount.

The Addition of Crystal Clear Special Features

As most people who are frequent video slots players will tell you, one of the main things that makes online slot games appealing is the inclusion of special features. While many of the products out there provide a vast plethora of these, this Novomatic offering isn’t as generous, and instead sticks to a rather minimal amount. This starts with the game’s scatter symbol, which is represented by the € icon. These pay out wherever they appear on the reels, and if you have the maximum wager placed, five of them are able to pay a total of 500,000 coins to you.

Another great thing about this game is that it offers pay outs on three or more matching symbols, regardless of where they appear. As long as they’re on a pay line, they don’t need to go from the very first reel and onwards. Therefore, you can generate winning combinations by three or more symbols appearing on a pay line from the second row and on, or by three matching icons appearing from the third reel and on. This makes for a greater change of wins being created.

Finally, the only other feature of this product is the Novomatic gamble option. This is activated at the end of every winning round during the main game. Players can choose to either take their winnings in their current state, or play a side game to try and increase them. Opting for the latter choice will provide you with a deck of playing cards, and it’s your job to guess the colour of the next card to be turned over. Getting it correct will see your winnings double.

A Deluxe Game of Fun

There’s little doubt that Just Jewels is a fun addition to the catalogue of games provided by this developer. However, the limited special feature do allow it to become fairly monotonous quite early on, and the additional arcade noises do nothing but irk the ears. Overall though, if you can play with the mute button active, you’ll be able to spin a fair few rounds of it and feel quite entertained for a little while.