Kingdom of Legends Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Kingdom of Legends, not to be confused with Kingdom of Legend (note the additional s), is a medieval themed slot machine that has scattered plays, which means that every symbol acts as a scatter. Although that much is true, there’s still a specific tile to begin the free games, helping to give some normality back to those of you unfamiliar with such designs.

Initial thoughts of the game are wavering between good and bad, for there’s a lot left to be desired when you gaze at the 5 reels, most obvious being the graphics. However, you then notice the reasonably small pay-in and you immediately start to warm to the lacklustre imagery employed here.

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Ye Olde Time

As we’ve already mentioned, the appearance of this slot isn’t one you’ll be raving about, however that isn’t to say that there’s no texture or atmosphere delivered. Quite the contrary. The imagery that is more exclusive to the title has a very specific aesthetic – it feels like you’re looking at a Victorian children’s book, such is the detail. You can see the creases in the king’s robes, and highlights on the queen’s cheekbones. Sadly though, the illusion is shattered by the standard card value tiles.

Moving on from this slot game’s look, and observing the layout alone, the design structure is sound; the grid has been placed centrally, with the title atop and the controls to the bottom. The slot game’s paylines aren’t highlighted around the sides of the matrix, thus giving a more streamlined appearance. And a display of the current jackpot can be found next to the title, to encourage players onward.

The Crown Jewels

The crown on Kingdom of Legends, although attractive in all its many jewelled glory, isn’t the juiciest win available. Nevertheless, with its ability to gift 10 extra games, it’s one to watch out for. Playing on the lowest bet setting, your wins will fall between 40 and 12,000 credits, with a match of just two bringing in the goods. As you can see for yourselves, the values are already substantial, even without the maximum stake.

To trigger the spins, you’ll need either three or five of a kind. When they’ve got started, a random symbol will be selected to turn into your bonus tile, which essentially ups the ante and delivers more potential wins. Each time the icon appears, it’ll be fixed into place, giving you a greater chance of walking away a high roller rather than a peasant. Unfortunately, no matter how successful you are during this time, the free spins can’t be reactivated, thus limiting how much you can enjoy this feature.

A Royal Turnout

Everyone who’s anyone will make an appearance at the Kingdom of Legends, even the lowly guests that are the card values; every symbol has a chance to fill the entire screen, resulting in a 15 of a kind win. When that happens the money will come pouring in. This is what it means when the game celebrates its scattered wins. Even though all of them gift a generous amount of cash, the queen and king are the founders of the feast, while the rest slowly start to decrease in value. The reason for this is because the wins are a percentage of the big jackpot you see on the right hand side of the screen.

From what we gathered during our playthrough, the jackpot is progressive and thus is always growing. Exciting though this may be, it means that there’s a certain level of unpredictability about the whole affair, which some users won’t appreciate looming over them.

A Kingdom in Our Hearts

There’s something about this real cash slot that draws you in, even though you can see the writing on the walls, and know that, ultimately, Kingdom of Legends is going to let you down.

Maybe it’s the knowledge of those scattered wins, promising huge cash prizes, or perhaps it’s the simplicity of the free games. Whatever the reason, it’s a title we’d recommend, if for nothing more than a filler.