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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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What’s not to love about an old slot machine – it has basic gameplay, friendly if not underwhelming graphics, and a fine array of symbols to keep you busy until you reach the all-important jackpot.

That winning combination is exactly what you get when you play Sizzling Hot from Novomatic. The 5-reel and 5-winlines title relies on nothing more than a gamble feature to see you through, but believe you and me, there’s still a nailbiting ride to be had when you play.

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Ripe for the Picking

One of the best elements of retro games is their ability to capture your attention, but without the need for extravagance and fancy frills – you get good, clean gaming and it goes down a treat. Sizzling Hot uses a minimal palette and familiar fruit symbols to create a welcoming and easy to adapt to environment in which users can play.

Due to its lack of over the top rendering and style, the matrix and its icons feels a lot crisper and thus the game feels more streamlined as a whole; new titles can sometimes feel chunky, but not this one. It’s sleek and yet heart-warmingly old fashioned. A winning combination, we think you’ll agree.

The colours of purple and red (among the main ones) contrast nicely, resulting in a brightly alluring slot machine that clearly marks all its important features – if you want to know where the paylines fall, just look for the coloured boxes. If you want to find the control panel, look no further than the bright green widgets on the lower half of the screen.

Hot Under the Collar

For such an unassuming starting point of 5 winlines, all of which are fixed into place, you’d be surprised at how much excitement can build when playing Sizzling Hot. In a few short minutes you can be sitting pretty on yet another win, the volatility making this a title that seems to give you a greater edge.

What is more, the lack of adaptability you find the in winlines section is completely overridden when you get down to the betting, for you can play from as little as €1 all the way to €50,000 per payline. This is an incredibly broad spectrum in which customers can play, thus opening up the activity to a much wider audience.

That being said, a lower pay-in, say roughly €0.01, would have been even more impressive. Sadly there’s no maximum bet option, meaning you have to tirelessly tap away until you find the wager best suited to your wallet size.

In regards to the autoplay feature, this is one of the infinite options rather than broken down into bite size sections of 5 or 10. Although this may seem less impressive given the lack of customisation you have, it actually makes the controls more user friendly, which in turn makes the game more suited to a wider set of gamers. Just start and stop whenever you fancy it; quick and easy.

In It to Win It

Sizzling Hot won’t bombard you will flashy symbols that override the context of the game, but instead gives you icons that you can recognise, and that pay out good wads of cash. The green stuff can always be pouring in.

Out of all the tiles available, the red 7 is the one that is the most rewarding, financially speaking, though you’ll need five of them (or indeed any of the tiles) if you expect to win big. A three of a kind win will be considerably smaller, though what do they say? A win is a win!

You won’t find any free spins or fancy specials attached to the tile, and thus the gameplay is very basic and without much variance. This is a money-based title through and through. If you want bonus games you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

In truth, you’re already risking your cash by playing for real, but soon that adrenaline rush can wear off, leaving you feeling deflated. That’s why the gamble option is on hand after every win, to help spice things up and add a new level of fun to the activity.

This extra round is easy enough to get your head round – you simply need to decide what colour the hidden card is, whether it’s going to be a black or red suit. You’ve probably seen something like this before, but don’t let that put you off, it’s better the devil you know when it comes to gambling like this.

Reels on Fire

A lot of slot machines out there can do what Sizzling Hot does, but we argue that they won’t do it half as good; for a game that has little substance, you feel compelled to keep on playing (and winning).

Those who are used to more fancy titles will definitely miss the variance that comes with modern games, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll hate the experience available here.