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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Snakes and Ladders – it’s such a classic game, but it’s one that all of us can play and get enjoyment from. That being said, some of us prefer to play via more contemporary means, a conventional board game feeling too old school and out of touch. If that sounds like you then your prayers have just been answered, for Novomatic have delivered Snake, Rattle & Roll.

As the title aptly suggests, this is a reimagining of the board game, and so we can expect to see dice upon the 5 reels, bringing us ever closer to reaching the massive jackpot of the entire game. But why jump to the finish without appreciating the view, for what a view the brand has gifted us with in this online game. This might be the first time in, well, forever, that Novomatic have gone so outside the box it almost doesn’t feel like one of their games.

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Coiled Spring

This comes as a shock even to us, but we’re about to say that Novomatic have done something innovative and completely original – they’ve created sliding wilds. That may sound boring, but when you see them in action, you’ll soon change your tune. In fact, sliding doesn’t adequately describe what happens when this feature occurs.

A coiled snake takes the form of the wild, and just to look at it you would expect nothing from it, even the paytable downplays its importance to begin with. Then it lands on your reels, and suddenly a giant snake launches across the reels, going up or down, left or right. Sometimes they can even connect and make a tangle of snakes, which is most amusing to watch. Better yet, if the animated snake charmer of the game gets involved and plays a tune, more snakes will show up and start springing up all over the place.

Increase in Space

The Snake, Rattle & Roll logo of the paytable is your means of getting some free games, but not only does it offer you additional spins, it can also change the size of the matrix. It won’t increase the number of reels, but it can do the number of paylines, with the maximum amount reached being 50. That’s quite a change from the fixed 20 you’ve given to start with.

Once you create a combination, you’ll be allowed to select whether you play Yellow, Blue or Red free games, with the latter two increasing the grid by 40 and then to the 50 we just mentioned. What is more, inside of the feature, gamers will be able to find baskets that reward further rounds. These opportunities only present themselves on the fifth reel though, so you may find it’s not an extra that plays very often.

Keep on Rollin’

What would this game be without dice? It would be a sham of what it represents, that’s for sure, and so (fortunately) Novomatic has provided some red die for us to group together. If you get three of them, you get three rolls inside the board game bonus, with an increase in rolls given related to the combo size.

The overall goal is to make it to the top of the board and take the jackpot, which is made easier should you get snake eyes on your first roll – that means our snake charmer will start running to the finish line. Will he make it? Play for yourselves and find out, we don’t want to spoil the climax for you!

Winning Design

Novomatic had us the moment we saw the interface, but then we kept falling in love with Snake, Rattle & Roll the more we played. There’s just nothing not to like about what’s offered here. The variance is fantastic, and the volatility is only medium, meaning you don’t get more losses than wins. If that doesn’t sound like a winning formula to you, we’re not sure what will.

What we do need to draw attention to however, is the fact that this isn’t normal for the brand at all, and so you may become disappointed when you try other games from them. Usually the brand plays it safe, with this being one of their few exceptions. Therefore, make sure to savour your time with this game because there’s not many more from Novomatic quite like this one.