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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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When most people think of online slots they think of software powerhouses like IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and of course Novomatic. Speaking on the latter, the developer has been around the industry since the early 1980s, having been making games that many players have seemingly got a real kick out of.

While there are plenty of Novomatic games that carry serious levels of flash and sizzle, they’ve not abandoned the brand’s classic slots roots entirely. Enter Spectrum, a game that delivers the taste of a traditional “fruity”, just with a few modern twists included to spice things up.

Immediately setting the game apart from others, it appears that the classic payline approach has been cast to one side; instead Spectrum offers 243 ways to walk away with a cash prize. There is no denying that Spectrum has the air of something different to it, but is this 5-reel release really a winner?

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Lights That Guide the Way

When a developer decides to head down the classic root for a new online slots release, they are taking a bit of risk. This is because fans of this slots sub-genre tend to be very picky. That being said, it does appear that Spectrum has enough within its visuals to at least grab the attention of players.

The imagery used in this game is traditional in layout, but glossy in appearance, with it carrying a certain a degree of colour flourish. Everything within Spectrum is bright and boisterous, as neon colours are placed up against a deep black backdrop. From the symbols featured to UI graphics used, Spectrum is a game that carries a unique fluorescent style.

Flashes of Colour

Within its gameplay, Spectrum tends to play out as you would expect via the 5-reels on screen. If you join up any of the lower value symbols in the game (A to 9) you’ll snap up 10x your base wager. From there, the double bar links players to a 16x payout and the triple bar links to a 30x payout. Finally, if you really want to take Spectrum for everything it has to offer, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the prism symbol, find this five times in a combination and you can walk away with 40x your total bet.

Wagering wise, to fund the action in this game you’ll need to lay down anything between 40.00 and 10.000.

Locked in and Ready to Spin

Spectrum is a game that has some real positives on the theme and gameplay front, but this is sadly pulled apart by a lacking selection of bonus features. The only additional extra included here (outside of the gamble round) is the Reel Locking feature, with it being far from the most exciting extra at that.

Here is how it works, basically when the Reel Locking feature is active, it links two reels on screen, as they will spin at the same time and reveal the same symbols when they stop, this means that the reels are effectively twinned together. While this does make winning combinations easier to come by, it does very little to make the game feel more exciting, actually the fun factor of this “bonus” feature runs dry pretty quickly.

Spectrum also includes a wild symbol, which is as least something worth mentioning. What this does is substitute for other symbols in the game, with this making it a little bit easier to wrap up a winning combination.

Firmly Under Control

Thankfully, Novomatic has kept the control system within Spectrum relatively simple. With all the flashing lights we had a slight concern that they might overcomplicate things here, but that hasn’t proven to be the case.

All we had to do to set the game off was adjust the wager and hit the spin button. There really is very little else required when it comes to controlling and playing Spectrum.

Step up to Spin the Slots of Spectrum!

Spectrum is by no means the perfect online slots game, but there is no denying that this medium variance title does a lot right. The theme used is bright; the gameplay is slick, while the payouts certainly have plenty of oomph to them. If we have to make a major complaint about Spectrum, it would be that that the game lacks replay value due to the half-baked bonus features.

All in all, there is certainly something enjoyable about Spectrum, just don’t expect it to blow you away with additional features any time soon.