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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’re looking for a basic yet enjoyable vintage game that offers something out of the ordinary, look no further than Spinning Fruits from online gaming brand Novomatic.

This 5-reel slot may look like your run of the mill title, but it actually has a very powerful scatter feature that makes all the difference. Essentially, without this special addition, the game would be just like any of the other classic examples from the brand.

The prizes can be high – depending on how you bet – but the fun is almost as rewarding as a pocketful of cash, and so we’ll dive right on in and see whether this activity is the right one for you.

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A Growing Collection

The paytable is likely to overwhelm anyone not used to unusual slots: it’s just packed full with lots of numbers and cash rewards. Don’t panic, the only aspect of the table that’s different is that you can get up to 15 matches of any one symbol, rather than the usual three to five. What is more, there are only seven symbols to choose from, making this a compact and low variation game.

Players need to get a minimum of five of a kind to get any form of win, with the totals raising each time additional finds are made. Also, when you break the x7 barrier and match up several of the icons, you’ll be gifted a free game. 

Scatter Brains

All symbols in Spinning Fruits are scatter symbols, hence why there’s no specific bonus feature. All the symbols are bonuses of a kind, with wins over a certain amount heralding in the most rewards. We touched a little on that above, but now’s the time to figure out those scatter pays and what they really offer.

When a free spin is in play, you’ll notice that the symbols matched are held in place, in the hope you’ll create another large combo. If you do, you get another free game, but if not you just get a normal payout; it’s not the most flashy of features, but it’s all Spinning Fruits has.

Get Rid of That Grumbling Tummy

If the prizes on offer don’t look appetising, it may have something to do with the fact that your bet affects the money you get back; a standard Novomatic seems incredibly keen on employing in every activity. Even though higher pay-ins are costly, and carry more of a risk, they help to make the gameplay more immersive and intense.

Can you imagine walking away with €750,000? Well that’s what you can be cashing in when you play with the most money available.

The red 7, a familiar image to many, is the holy grail in this game, bringing in the most money out of all the tiles combined. Of course, when you play the maximum bet, all the symbols are of value, with even the lowest combo of five grapes being worth €250.

Spin While You’re Winning

In regards to the 10 winlines of the game, they’re fixed into place and can’t be changed, which will undoubtedly deter some players. However, remember that while you can’t change the settings up as much, you stand more chance of winning because of that higher number. It’s a small consolation.

Thankfully the bet per line starts off at a low threshold of just €0.01, allowing for a cheap stake of only €0.10, though you won’t get the big bucks if you choose to play Spinning Fruits that way. Shooting for the stars and going for gold is all well and good, but as there’s no maximum bet toggle, so you’ll have to frantically tap your mouse key to set the totals via the plus symbols on the control panel.

The autoplay springs into action at the touch of a button, with no rounds to be selected or customised; it’s a simpler means of being able to enjoy free rein of the slots, and we love it.

Old School Is the New School

Spinning Fruits doesn’t offer much in terms of features, that much is clear, but it does have a far reaching single special that can be argued as more than making up for it. Not to mention it’s an innovation that isn’t often seen in online slot games.

The biggest issue Novomatic has with this title is that it’s biased towards players who have a lot of cash to spend, but in turn, that does mean only the most loyal will keep returning. That’s never a bad thing for a brand.