Super Hot 7s Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Come one, come all and play the super classic and retro inducing Super Hot 7s from Novomatic, one of the most well known gambling brands on the internet to date. This title will take you on a simplistic journey, allowing you to appreciate the simple things in the online gambling community. It may not be the prettiest or the sleekest, but it makes for one easy to pick up title.

What makes this vintage looking title so different? Well, it actually has a fine set of bonus features, a factor that a lot of classic titles don’t tend to bother with. That means you definitely feel like you’re getting more out of your money, especially if you’re lucky to unlock that big €1,000,000 jackpot!

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Basic and Proud

There’s no way of skirting about it: Super Hot 7s is a lacklustre looking title. There. We said it. Normally we’d be the first to say that’s an indicator of a boring game, and that you’re to leave well alone, but wait, just give the deep purple title a chance to work its magic.

Look at those symbols? The innocence of them in their 2D graphics – they capture a time when gaming was in its golden age, uninterested in appearance but heavy on the results side. A time so many of us long to go back to.

And just look at the way the control panel has been simplified down and the rest of the clutter tucked away, it gives you more room to have a more vivid experience.

So what if it’s an experience similar to what you had in the early 1990s – who doesn’t relish chunky imagery and annoying sound effects? It’s the stuff of childhood memories!

Round and Round We Go

The pink square with the yellow star in it is your scatter symbol, and it’s what will get you to the Respin Bonus, a basic yet effective means of upping the ante and providing customers with more wins. In addition, over three will also grant you 14 free games, yet another bonus to the feature.

In regards to activating the respins, you need to already be in the free games mode, and then line up two of the scatter symbols. Once you have two of them, a random reel will start to spin to try and land you another scatter, which will end up rewarding another set of extra games should that happen. No three scatters inside these rounds, no extras.

Where She Stops, Nobody Knows!

There’s a lot of spinning that needs to be done to increase your final prize, and so you’ll be going dizzy seeing all those fruit symbols swimming about before your eyes, the three, four and five of a kind matches an invasion of your senses.

Out of all the symbols available, would you believe it isn’t the scatter symbol that comes out as top dog, but the orange 7, gifting users between €40,000 and €1,000,000. Either of those sums are welcomed, but a million big ones from a slot machine is hard to beat – you’d be the king of the slots with a success like that!

As for the rest of the icons, there’s four pieces of fruit that pay medium amounts: the cherries, orange, lemon, and grape, and then there’s the watermelon and bunch of grapes that is of a high calibre. Finishing off with the scatter and the red hot 7. A neat little paytable, but not the most easy to work through given the medium volatility of the title.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

The heat is on from the moment you start spinning the reels, but the real fire comes from the amount of cash you place down during each game – will you play it safe with a slow burning start or burn up the grid with all the money you own? Seeing as the maximum bet is worth a cool €1,000, which is €200 per line, it’s unlikely many will be starting an inferno in Super Hot 7s.

Also, you won’t be able to change up the payline number, which means you can’t play with the most cash but save the pennies by reducing the winlines. It just can’t be done.

Super Hot 7s is fixed into place, making it a stubborn title that will rile those accustomed to more freeing experiences.

Not so Hot Now, Are You?

Novomatic haven’t created anything worthy of excitement here; the online casino game is okay, average as far as we’re concerned, but it’s not about to bring you buckets of luck. For that to happen you need to be pretty well off, and blessed with exceptional luck.

What is more, it offers nothing different from any other old school game. Sure there’s a bonus feature, but the game would have probably sufficed just as well without it, such is its impact on the overall gameplay.