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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Just when you thought Novomatic had done it all with the hot themes, and they go and release a game like Supra Hot. This is a fine example of classic gaming within the contemporary online market, with most of its features unaffected by the parameters of modern day gaming.

It looks pretty darn boring on the surface, but will it prove to be so dull when you get playing?

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Nice and Discreet

Complicated user interfaces put the vast majority of us off – they look too much trouble, especially when you’re looking for a quick fix rather than an in-depth game; this is why titles like Supra Hot are so good. Its controls have been reduced down to just the spin and menu button, with the menu opening up to reveal betting options and so on. The entire game feels lighter, both in appearance and in gameplay.

Also in-keeping with the discreet atmosphere, you have what’s referred to as the Reality Checker, which is a means of setting a predetermined amount of time you wish to play. Once you reach your limit a reminder is given, and you can choose whether to continue or take a break. A lot of Novomatic activities have one attached, which is great for all your hardcore gamers who just can’t say no.

Drop It like It’s Hot

Dropping coins in Supra Hot is super easy, with the first section of the menu screen giving you options to tweak the stake amount, with an increase and decrease arrow. Sometimes you’ll be able to change up the paylines too, but with this particular game, the 25 lines are set in place.

Users will begin with a reasonable, if not cheap, bet of €40, which can then be steadily increased to a grand total of €1,000. You can achieve the highest sum in one of two ways: click the up arrows or merely tap the Max Bet gauge given just underneath the lines and stake values.

The Picture of Health

A lot of the time gamers just want to land five of a kind and get the prize, but with Supra Hot, the best way of getting the goods is to fill the grid with one symbol; 12 fruits filling the matrix can gift you a victory priced between €8,000 and €200,000.

That may seem like all the money has been invested in achieving one of the most difficult feats, but don’t worry, for there’s plenty of other ways to get decent cash rewards, even with as little as three of a kind. The Xs are the lowest paying symbol no matter the stake you place, with the 7s always remaining the second highest in place of a whole grid of fruit.

The money you win is determined by your cashflow, so try to be as giving as possible if you’re aiming to get a lot of bucks back.

Pick a Card, Any Card

The gamble option pops up every now and again, though you can choose whether to ignore it or not. When it appears, select the widget and a new window will open atop the 3×5 grid, a face down card in the middle. All you need to do is decide between red or black, a simple question, but one that could see you double your cash or lose what you’ve just won. It’s not a task for the fainthearted, especially those keen on keeping hold of any coins they win back.

Hot Shot Slot

Supra Hot isn’t the greatest that ever was, but it’s a darn good online slot that mimics the experience of being in Las Vegas without ever having to leave your home. What is more, the cash prizes are considerable, even should you play with the smallest bet size, making it a hugely rewarding title for little volatility.

The simplistic graphics in place, coupled with the dumbed down controls, makes this an activity that is replayable, over and over. Even when the symbols may be becoming repetitive, and the big picture of fruit is expected to never show up, you can still plod along because of the money up for grabs. Not many games can say that nowadays.