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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If money makes your world go round, you’ll be wanting to play The Money Game, a retro inspired slot machine that is filled with the green stuff, so much so you can’t move without bumping into a wad of cash.

This sea of green can be your ticket to living life to its fullest, a high roller that’s never coming down. But with minimal features and a hefty pricetag, is this slot machine going to make you broke before you’ve even got started?

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The Cash Exchange

To get a little you’ve got to give a little, or potentially a lot in this case. The betting in Novomatic games is renowned for being less than friendly, but with The Money Game it seems every walk of gamer has been accommodated to, even the ridiculously rich. By using the (+) and (-), you can increase your initial bet up to €50,000 per winline, which is just crazy! That enormous sum of money would leave you with a first bet of €450,000, which let’s face it, nobody is about to bet.

What makes this threshold more interesting is that the bet has no bearing on the paytable, a move not normally seen by the brand. Therefore you could bet the maximum amount and still only get €9,000. That being said, the most you can win can be improved greatly by the effects of multipliers.

Aside from messing about with the number of winlines, which is capped off at 9 but can be decreased down to just 1, there’s little more to do with the controls other than press the autoplay button. It’s your typical stop and start feature, there’s no fancy extras here.

Throw Caution to the Wind

Bravery is needed if you’re to opt in for the gamble feature, a little extra that pops up throughout your gameplay, usually after you’ve made a win, no matter how big or small. This feature tends to remain the same across Novomatic games: there’s a virtual card, face down, and you need to determine whether it’ll be a red or black suit.

The catch? None if you get it right, but if you get the answer wrong you lose the cash you’ve just won. The money already banked in your kitty won’t be touched, but obviously a hit is still a hit. If you feel this is too risky for you, you can simply ignore the flashing button and go about your business. No pressure, no fuss.

The Winking Man Has All the Money

The scatter symbol, which is a dollar sign by the way, may be the one that heralds in a selection of 15 extra games and a x3 multiplier, but it isn’t the highest paying tile out there. Oh no. That action belongs to the winking suited and booted man with the mustache.

This guy breezes through life, even more so when five of him are discovered, the chunky €9,000 making all his escapades entertaining and fun. Money that he’s willing to share with you. When you compare the value of this tile with the others, it’s the only one that’s dramatically stepped up to the plate to give you big wins. Wins that can be enhanced by the multipliers throughout the game.

Money Bags Galore

The Money Game is a cheap way of getting cash to flow your way, but it isn’t without risk, as we’ve highlighted. What is more, the level of money you can bet in return for the cash doesn’t feel worth it, though thankfully you get the same payouts no matter what you wager. It’s simple, easy to play, hassle free, and it gives peace of mind thanks to the Novomatic brand.

In regards to the playability of the title, and its longevity, well that’s more short-lived due to the lack of variation offered; there’s free spins but not much else. So after several rounds you’re likely to become bored, the cash losing its appeal.