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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Are you feeling fruity? Think that you’re ripe enough to take on the competition? If you’ve answered yes to these appalling puns, that it’s more than likely you’re wanting to play the 5 reels of Ultra Fruits, from Novomatic.

Just like Star Nova, this is an old school format of a slot machine, designed for a quick fix, although not an easy one at that. However, while the two share similar traits, this real cash slot is a lot more conventional, even the imagery is what you’d expect from such a low impact game.

Fortunately, although you might not have much in the way of visuals to entice you in, you do have a series of free spins to win, helping to bump up the kitty when times start to get tough. We like that the brand thought to add this, as a lot of their previous vintage slots have been rather low in diversity.

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Neon Dreams

This might be a game of fruits, but not any fruits you may have seen in your day-to-day; here they’re neon, bringing with them the essence of the 80s. It’s a quirky way of making this theme feel more unique, for the style of Novomatic slots tend to remain very similar when it comes to classic aesthetics. The brand think more broadly for modern games, but their older ones get left behind in the dirt.

Although the aura surrounding the fruits makes them look luminescent, we can’t help but feel disappointed in what we’re seeing – the brand could have done so much more here. And yes, we have taken into account that this is an old game to begin with, but it wasn’t like Novomatic didn’t have options. Instead of delivering excitement, they’ve delivered familiarity – and familiarity breeds contempt.


In regards to how the wins are made here, you have a leave from the staple three, four or five formation, with four now being the lowest grouping that you can make. What is more, rather than playing from left to right, the combos play scattered. If you’ve never come across this term before it means that you can create a win on any position of the reels, rather than adhere to consecutive win dynamics.

This should, in theory, make winning all the more obtainable, but sadly that isn’t the case, and the reason for this is because of the volatility of Ultra Fruits. Novomatic never give us an easy break with the level of challenge in their games, and it’s starting to get old. Your min bet is 0.40, while you can go all in with the maximum of 100.00.

A Star Is Born

The star symbol is the most special of all the icons, mainly because it actually does something other than gift money. To get your free games you need up to five of them upon the grid; when you achieve that, you’ll get a total of 10 games. During this time, a symbol from the main paytable will be chosen, at random, to be the scatter symbol for the rest of the feature.

Unlike in many other slots, in Ultra Fruits you can’t win any more games, meaning that this is one mundane and short round. It just feels like we’ve been handed a poor selection when playing the scatter symbol, and in turn that impacts on how we see and experience the game.

Not so Fly

Having started this slot machine with low expectations, we didn’t go in with enough hopes to get them crushed, however that doesn’t mean we didn’t feel the sting of bad gameplay. Ultra Fruits might have a feature to interact with, but it doesn’t save it from being a shadow of a slot machine, and one that plays you for a fool rather than rewarding you.

There’s chance for some huge wins, and we mean seriously large (thanks to the progressive jackpot), but once you know how tedious the game is to play, you realise those jackpots are nothing but a dream.