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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Calling yourself a retro lover isn’t something you should do lightly, for when you’re presented with a game such as Ultra Sevens, it really shows if you’re true to your word and enjoy old school games. This is about as retro you can get without getting inside a time travelling machine.

It’s a great little number to try out, no matter your capabilities, although having a healthier wallet rather than a lighter one will work wonders, as Novomatic has a rigid betting range.

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A Game a Day…

Though you can easily use the ‘an apple a day’ mantra here, for the fruit based imagery is all over the place in Ultra Sevens, the generic conventions of traditional slot machines well at work in this title.

If you’re looking for your mind to be blown, it’s doubtful you’re about to get that here, especially if you enjoy flashy designs; this is a low-level novelty theme, if you can even refer to it as one. It uses bright colours, well known iconography, and a selection of arcade sound effects. As authentic as can be, without buying a slot machine and placing it in your living room.

Full Screen Wins

Aside from being able to double your winnings by the gamble button, there’s little else you can do other than try to get a full screen of symbols. Think of it as the Rubik cube of online gaming. If all the grid matches, the wins are incredible.

These victories form into the progressive payouts of the game, with the luminous 7 tile being the cherry on top of one big basic cake. Players can obtain five of the 7 symbol and get a juicy €10,000 win, but an increasing jackpot that has reached as much as €500,000 is definitely much easier on the eyes.

There’s three contrasting jackpots: get a full screen of grapes and watermelons to get the middle jackpot, and any of the oranges, lemons, cherries, and single grape to get the lowest kitty.

Climbing the Ladder of Fortune

Novomatic has included a gamble feature once more, but this time round it isn’t all about cards and what colour could be lurking next, but more about progressing up a ladder of monetary prizes. The higher you go the bigger the reward. It isn’t quite as simple as it sounds when you’re playing it, but the 80s neon vibe is something that we’re living for right now.

Every players has a genuine 50/50 opportunity to win or lose here, which is probably the fairest odds you’re ever likely to get in a casino game. The option doesn’t have to be played every time, making it an extra that you choose to play rather than one that’s forced you.

Less Is More

The controls aren’t the most refined or simple we’ve come across, but there’s less to them than most, which means that you get a retro experience right down to the interface.

The (-) and (+) control your betting amounts, as it does the winlines, allowing you to select an average bet of €40 or go the full hog and play with €8,000. You can make the amount friendlier by opting for less winlines, though you’ll never get a fullscreen win that way.

As for the autoplay, that can be started up at any time, allowing the reels to roll on indefinitely whilst you surrender your control over to the game itself.

It’s actually rather freeing to do away with having to tap your way to glory, so why not have a trial run and see if it’s for you. If you want back in on the action, just stop the option and lay your hands on the game once more.

Straight Laced and Fancy Free

This isn’t a game that messes about, it goes in for the kill and aims for gold, cutting out the middleman and taking you to the jackpots. Even though it does this by taking out a lot of successful gaming elements, like free games, there’s still a lot of amusement to be found when activating these reels.

All you need to do is put your opinions of old school gaming to one side and let the experience wash over you.