Venetian Carnival Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Who hasn’t wanted to attend a masked ball at some point during their lifetime? The idea of being able to hide your identity and dance around, the world unaware of you and you of it, is something that a lot of us long for. It’s a chance for anonymity in a time where everyone knows all our business.

It may only be for a fleeting moment, but users of Venetian Carnival get to don their best clothes and celebrate in true style; there’s no doubt the Italians do these grand affairs the best.

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An Invitation You Can’t Refuse

On a night like this, who are you to say no to one of the greatest parties that Novomatic has ever thrown – it would be a travesty not to attend. Just look at the fine display of graphics the brand has put on for you, they’re not as advanced as some of their newer games, but they capture a sense of luxury nonetheless.

The colours, and in general the imagery, is very subdued, what was once a gleaming example of classic gaming is now a shell when compared with modern titles. Everything may seem muted and less impressive than you might have been hoping for, but there’s a simple arresting beauty to it.

What’s Behind the Mask?

Taking Venetian Carnival at face value would be to dismiss its effortless quality; this is an online activity that only has one feature (not including the double or nothing option), and that’s the scatter. You might think that what hides behind the Novomatic brand mask isn’t worthwhile, but for a low pay-in, you can walk away with €5,000.

Three or more of the haunting white mask will get you into the hotspot and open up the 10 extra games, in which two symbols are of the most importance: the masked woman and masked man.

These two individuals sub each other, and should they show up as a pair, they are replaced by a K icon with their faces attached, allowing them to stay in place for another game.

Venice, the City of Lights

Oh what a sight to behold, Venice alight with the buzz of excitement and the glow of hundreds of lanterns, with sights like the Bridge of Sighs gifting you money as you walk on by.

As much as €500 can be yours, though only find two of a kind and you’ll leave with a measly sum of €5. Still, by being able to get a match of just two, you’re a winner more often than not.

A gondola is the next symbol down, sporting a value of between €5 and €250, with the top end figure still of merit. Thereafter though, the icons become less giving, with three of a kind or over now on offer rather than two, the money involved decent but without impact.

As you can see, the paytable is tiny, which means that the variance in Venetian Carnival is understandably low. Nevertheless, don’t be expecting the volatility to match, that is still of a medium level challenge for players.

Games for All Attendees

At least that’s the theory, but whenever we won and Venetian Carnival suggested for us to gamble our wins, there was no button to initiate that action, meaning we never got to try the feature first hand.

What we do know is that Novomatic has stayed true to its roots and gone for a card based double or nothing system, which probably means you’ll feel right at home. Wins can be huge, but the losses will hit hard; you’ve been warned.

Save the Date for Next Year?

It’s hard to accurately summarise this game without doing it an injustice. It is, for all intents and purposes, a low quality slot machine, and yet there’s something about it that encourages you to play.

Maybe it’s that sense of interacting with a physical slot, enhanced by the layout of the controls? Or perhaps it’s that there’s no need to spend millions to appreciate uncomplicated fun?

Whatever the case, Venetian Carnival is a surprising winner of hearts.