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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Wild Adventure is a slot machine that promises to take you around the world at minimal costs, or at least in terms of Novomatic minimal costs. There’s not much in the way of features, but with a title that has the word ‘wild’ in it, this slot must have something hiding up its sleeve… right?

Whether you’re convinced or not, it’s time to flash those passports and double check your suitcase; the plane doesn’t appreciate delays, and you’ll want to reach your jackpot destination of €150,000 quick smart.

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Map Reading 101

Getting your bearings is often hard or easy, with very few experiences ever falling in between. Thankfully for all those that take a punt on Wild Adventure, the map has been read for you, the various locations marked by different symbols, meaning getting from A to B is much clearer. It won’t be easy, but travelling never is.

The time worn, sepia background actually works well with this title, the decision to reduce distracting imagery outside of the grid a clever move by the brand. The map catches your eyes, it’s brown and beige emphasising the colours of the paytable, but it doesn’t outshine the matrix, which is the main thing.

Globe Trotters

Even though it feels like you’re exploring on a budget, Wild Adventure has a bonus round (of sorts) which helps to make getting those wins even easier. For that to happen you need to find two of the golden explorers, taking the form of a man and woman; just one won’t activate the round.

Once you’ve got the duo in place on a series of two reels – either the second and fourth, the second and fifth, or the third and fifth – a pathway will link these symbols to one another, hence the title of Wild Path. Between these two symbols all the others become changed.

Taking in the Views

The scenery about you is limited, and so the only joy you’re going to find out there as you explore comes from the numerous icons left on the matrix. Some of them are card values (surprise, surprise), but others have been crafted to represent markers along your journey, like the mountain. This icon alone is worth x20 and x150 of your stake.

To make a combo on a winline, there needs to be at least three matching symbols and at the most five, but thanks to the number of winlines, finding a combo of just three doesn’t prove too taxing. It’ll still take some time, and you’re more likely to land three 10s than three logo icons, but you’ll get there in the end.

Learn to Fly

Taking the reins in Wild Adventure is all most players can do, for the free games aren’t available in some parts of the world (oh, the irony). The problem that comes from this is that, due to how Novomatic develops their titles, the betting range is rather high for those reluctant to punt.

The minimum wager is €60. That’s a lot of money, especially if you’re not particularly bothered about playing.

Your total bet will always be made clear to you, with the plus and minus icons changing the number of credits placed on each of the paylines; all 30 of them are fixed in place, hence the steep cost upfront. There’s a chance to gamble and have your money go further, but that can backfire and make the whole experience worse rather than better.

Out with a Whimper, Not a Bang

This slot machine should end climatically and start the same way, but it goes out with a whimper rather than an almighty bang; this feels like an afterthought activity rather than one that was well planned.

Not only do the graphics reflect this feeling, but so too do the features, with not even the Wild Path Bonus making up for the lack of ideas elsewhere.

Then there’s the cost of actually playing, which is just too high for the casual player out there. If you have money, you’ll find playing Wild Adventure just fine, but if not you could be bled dry.

Novomatic misses the mark greatly with this one…