Other Games

In something of a twist to the traditional casino industry, online casinos actually took the lead in certain areas of gaming, releasing brand new titles that their land based counterparts only followed up on after their success had been proven online. The constant demand for new gambling opportunities among players led to various games hitting the online space that take traditional casino principles and build in specialist features for some of the most fun casino experiences possible, with absolutely no connection to the games that came before them. There are also many games that are unique and, while they have been available in land based casinos for a number of years, they simply are unlike any other game out there.

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Of course, our “Other Games” category has a slot of scope for what those games could be, and many of our players will quickly notice that games that simply do not comfortably fit in another category can be found here. This may be because a game is so unique that it cannot be categorised in any other way, or is simply such a classic in its own right that there are few dedicated alternatives. Basically, the games in this section are popular but niche titles that players are certain to enjoy. The main reason for their selection is that they are fun, and we always want to bring the most enjoyable titles to our players for free.

Some Classics to be Found

One game that is already a genuine casino classic in its own right is Keno. Anyone that has experienced the bright lights in Vegas will already appreciate just how unique the game is. Boards are generally found not only in dedicated Keno lounges, but also in restaurants and in some cases even hotel rooms. This shows just how important and diverse the game is – it can be played from anywhere in the casino and many players opt to do just that. Our free Keno game brings all of the excitement to players who can either get used to the game to prepare for a Vegas trip or simply enjoy free Keno in its own right.

Players can also enjoy our free Bingo game that is an interesting twist on the typical Bingo layout as it is simply the player against the house, with no danger of another player getting in there first.

Golden Derby and Germinator are a perfect example of casino operators adding something new to the industry by taking advantage of technology to add a gambling twist to existing ideas. In Golden Derby, our free virtual racing game, you can back a winner any time with stunning graphics in a race that is run just for you, for example. Such arcade style games are becoming increasingly popular among players as they provide brand new, fun gameplay mechanics that still offer the opportunity to scoop prizes as part of winning or losing.

Players can of course enjoy each of these games absolutely free of charge here at Mr Gamez, and are invited to check back often for the latest additions to our ever expanding range of free casino games.