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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It is not unusual for a casino software developer to base a project on universal themes, common knowledge, or particularly famous works of fiction. The guys at Play’nGo clearly did so when they released 7 Sins, a video slot that draws from the Christian belief of the existence of the 7 deadly sins.

It is certainly ironic to see this theme proposed as the foundation for a gambling game, but 7 Sins still manages to be a graphically appealing and easy to play title, which doesn’t really seem to care much for the weight its name carries.

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Set Against the Flames

As soon as you boot up this game for the first time, 7 Sins looks like a rather simple product. The game features a dark and red background, which is supposed to represent fire and smoke. The great thing about this background is that, while looking indubitably nice, it doesn’t distract you from the action.

The reels and main command bar are placed at the centre of the screen and are framed by elaborate golden ornaments. The atmosphere is quite unique and might feel slightly decadent, although that is probably exactly what the developers of 7 Sins were aiming for.

Hell, Fire, and Brimstone

The rules behind 7 Sins are not complicated. The slot features 5 reels and doesn’t use a payline system, giving you 243 different combinations to win with each spin. Lining up any symbol on the screen will count as a winning combination and yield a certain amount of cash.

Spinning the reels only requires a few clicks on the command bar to select your wager before you’re ready to begin playing. Said bar contains a set of predetermined amounts that you can invest in each spin. Additionally, 7 Sins lets you use the Autospin feature to choose a constant bet and let the reels spin for as long as you want.

The amount of cash you could win is calculated from your starting bet and the value of the symbols you have managed to line up. Obviously, risking a bit more can potentially result in even higher winnings in 7 Sins.

Tempting Temptresses

Sins features two main sets of symbols, all with different values attached. Some of the figures have a higher chance of appearing than others, but will reward you with fewer coins. Let’s see how the symbols are divided.

First there is the ‘Suits of Cards’. These four traditional symbols are the ones you are more likely to encounter while playing 7 Sins. They can reward you with up to 35 credits, based on the amount of your original bet. On the flip side there are the ‘7 Sins’, as 7 women represent the deadly sins. Each sin is presented with a different colour to make them easily identifiable. The reward here goes up to 250 credits.

7 Sins includes other game modes that are designed to allow you to win bigger prizes. The title features a wild symbol, the 7, which functions as a substitute for any other picture in the game. A double 7 may appear and will be calculated as 2 wilds in a row. Wild combinations are considered particularly potent, as they are worth up to 700 credits.

Cracking Open the ‘Golden Chest’

Scatters are also present in the game. They are pictured as golden chests and will appear anywhere on the screen. Collecting multiple chests can trigger bonus features such as free respins, multipliers that will return up to 7x the original bet, and the Second Chance mode that can be unlocked with only two scatters.

While this mode is active, you are given the ability to choose a sin. Picking the right one will reward you with 15x the amount you originally spent for the round. If you happen to be extremely lucky, you may also find a third scatter and gain additional free spins.

Dabble in the 7 Sins!

There’s plenty of exciting content to be found in this online slot game, as 7 Sins manages to look like a simple and extremely approachable game, while offering great winning opportunities on top. The amounts up for grab might not be as large as other titles, but the features 7 Sins sports make it a must try for anyone who enjoys a solid gambling experience.