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Playn Go Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a video slot from Play’N Go that has a real retro feel to it. With 5 paylines and some bonus features it’s a nice update to the classic slot layout. The Fire Joker slot machine has a fixed jackpot and even offers multipliers and respins.

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Fire Joker
Playn Go

Fire Joker

Fire Joker
Playn Go

Fire Joker

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      Fire Joker
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      Fire Joker is a video slot from Play’N Go that has a real retro feel to it. With 5 paylines and some bonus features it’s a nice update to the classic slot layout. The Fire Joker slot machine has a fixed jackpot and even offers multipliers and respins.

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      Fire Joker Slot Review

      Fire Joker is a slot that really manages to modernize the classic slot setup. While it is obviously a retro themed title from the moment you look at it, there’s still a lot here to make it highly enjoyable. It’s simple to play and there are 5 paylines in place, which is quite high for a 3 reel title. 

      As the theme is firmly entrenched in the world of retro, it’s not a shock that the Fire Joker slot machine features classic symbols. Players will be taken right back to the world of fruit machines from the first spin. The visuals really help to solidify this as they are all linked to classic slots. They are drawn to a high level though and it shows that the game has put a modern twist on a classic style.

      Pros and Cons

      • There’s some good features on show here
      • The wheel multiplier can increase the size of wins
      • Up to 800 times the stake is the fixed jackpot offered
      • Fire Joker has a relatively low RTP

      Fire Joker Symbols & Values

      As is expected the symbols in the Fire Joker slot are all linked to classic retro slots. It will almost instantly bring out a feeling of nostalgia when you start playing. There are plenty of fruit symbols in the game, which really makes it obvious what the theme is. While the game might have a classic style, the visuals have still been crafted superbly and they look fantastic on the reels.

      The Joker is both the wild symbol and the highest paying symbols in the game. While it doesn’t start up any of the bonus features, it does help to create wins with other symbols. The stacked symbols are where the bonus features begin. Both the respins and wheel of multiplier features begin depending on how the stacked symbols land on the reels. Take a look at the highest paying symbols in Fire Joker:

      • Joker
      • Red 7
      • Star 
      • Bar

      There are also lower paying symbols in the game. They obviously pay out slightly smaller amounts. They are as follows:

      • Plums
      • Grapes
      • Lemons
      • Cherries
      • X

      All symbols can appear on the reels as stacked symbols. This means that it is possible to completely fill up the reels with any symbol. This will activate all paylines and pay out the maximum possible for that symbol. The lower paying symbols come along a bit more often than the higher paying ones, so are easier to create wins with.

      Stacked symbols are the link to all of the features in this game. So if they start to appear on the reels then there could be some excitement coming your way.

      If you want to see a more detailed layout of the payouts in Fire Joker then read through the full paytable:

      3 on a Payline

      Fire Joker Betting Options

      There are just 5 paylines in Fire Joker. However, when you take into account that the reel count is just 3, 5 paylines isn’t actually a small number relatively speaking. There’s no payline customization, so this is a fixed amount. Players can bet a single coin on each payline with the coin value ranging from 0.01 to 20.00. This means that there is a wager range in place of 0.05 to 100.00. 

      Players can set up an autoplay system when playing the Fire Joker slot. So if you want to set up a specific number of spins based on your budget then this is possible. If you’re carrying out a bankroll management strategy then this is a very good way to do it. It means that you know how many spins you have available and can then automatically carry them out and then track your progress.

      Fire Joker Slot Game Bonus Features

      There are two main features included in Fire Joker. The first feature is the flaming respins feature. This feature only triggers when a losing spin takes place. When there is a losing spin the Fire Joker slot machine will then check to see if there are stacked symbols on the reels. If there are two stacks in place then the respins feature begins. The two stacks will stick to the reels and then another spin is awarded that gives players another chance to get a winning spin.

      The second feature is the wheel of multipliers feature. This kicks in whenever a win is created that is made through a completely full set of reels all of the same symbol. When this happens a wheel will spin that will choose a multiplier to be applied to the win to increase what’s on offer. A multiplier of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 can be applied to wins with the multiplier. It’s through this feature that the maximum payout for the Fire Joker slot from Play’N Go can be won.

      Fire Joker Device Compatibility

      Fire Joker is a relatively simple video slot in terms of gameplay, but it’s also an extremely enjoyable one. This is one of the reasons that Play’N Go has made sure the Fire Joker slot can be used across a number of devices.

      Fire Joker has HTML5 compatibility so can be used on modern mobile devices.

      It had an update in 2019 so it’s compatible with a range of different mobile devices. Players who enjoy playing on the go have the ability to play anywhere with Fire Joker.

      Fire Joker Fixed Jackpot

      There’s a fixed jackpot in place with Fire Joker. While the payout doesn’t tend to be as high as with a progressive jackpot (1) it does mean that players always know the prize that’s available. Fire Joker is a medium volatility game so the level of prize isn’t quite as high as some other titles on the market, 

      A fixed jackpot stays at the same level no matter how many times it is won. This differs to progressive jackpots which change over time and reset whenever a player wins it.

      In order to win the fixed jackpot when playing Fire Joker players have to fill up the reels with the Joker symbol. Once this takes place the wheel of multipliers has to land on the 10 times multiplier. This will then award players with a win of 800 times their stake. 

      Fire Joker Visuals and Sound

      There are great visuals in place for the Fire Joker slot. While it does use classic style graphics in order to match the theme, they have been updated to a more modern quality. There are plenty of colors used for the design which makes sure that they stand out perfectly on the reels. 

      The sounds are equally as good. There’s almost a video game quality to the music which plays as you spin the reels. It adds a little bit of fun to proceedings. The reels themselves make some good old school sounds as they spin too. It’s on the whole an understated but high quality set of sounds in Fire Joker.

      The Fire Joker slot machine has some superb aesthetics on show that really add to the overall experience of the game.

      Fire Joker Slot Strategy

      Fire Joker is just like other video slots on the market in that it uses an RNG to carry out the game mechanics. With RNG systems improving at a fast rate (2), it shows why slots are getting better all of the time. However, it also shows why there is no way to guarantee a win on modern slots due to how close to truly random behaviour that they are.

      With just 5 paylines in the game the first look at Fire Joker may cause some players concern. However, with just 3 reels in the Fire Joker slot this actually covers more than half of the potential paylines on offer.

      The paylines can’t be customized so there’s no way for players to edit how wins can be created. Setting the stake is simple enough and allows players to budget appropriately. Fire Joker also includes an autoplay system so the right number of spins can be set very easily.

      Fire Joker is slightly different to other slots as the big wins don’t necessarily come from a bonus feature. However, the wins that are created can be increased through an additional bonus feature. The wheel of multipliers is what players are aiming for and like other slots the longer you play the more chance there is of this being activated.

      Fire Joker RTP/Volatility

      The Fire Joker slot has an RTP of 94.23%. This is below what most other titles on the market offer so it is a little bit low. This RTP value essentially means that 10,000 credits worth of wagers will return 9,423 credits on average.

      fire joker rtp

      The volatility for Fire Joker is medium. So while payouts tend to come along quite often they don’t hit the highest levels. What’s good about a medium volatility game is that there doesn’t tend to be long waits between wins.

      The lower RTP does mean that Fire Joker tends to have a smaller chance of payouts for players than other games. However, this is an average over many millions of spins so it’s unlikely that you will play a game that hits the RTP exactly.

      Although the RTP might be low with Fire Joker, the paylines in place do make the chances of wins quite high. The respins feature also makes it a lot of fun even on losing spins.

      Even though there’s a medium volatility Fire Joker still gives players enough wins to stay interested. It does mean that there aren’t large wins coming along, but there’s potential for profit due to the regularity that wins come along.

      The fixed jackpot in Fire Joker might not compete with some of the top payouts on the market, but it’s still quite a good one. The ability for wins to be multiplied also adds a lot of fun to the game.

      Fire Joker Slot Game Tips

      Although you can’t make it definite that you will make a profit when playing video slots, you can improve your chances of doing so. We’ve put together a range of tips to help you get the best chances of getting one of the bigger payouts in Fire Joker. Take a look to improve your skills.

      Play within your Means

      Playing within your means basically means that you shouldn’t sink all of your budget into a single spin. You have to manage your bankroll cleverly. This means it’s important to try and get as many spins as you can. It does mean that you may have to lower your stake and take a smaller win if you can get a larger number of spins in total. Try to budget for around 200 spins as this will be enough for you to get a good chance at grabbing a good level of win.

      Make Sure to know when to Walk Away

      If you’re on a really bad losing streak then it’s important to know when to walk away. If your bankroll has been exhausted then it’s important to not make another deposit and play with what you don’t have. Only play within your budget.

      Try before Playing for Real Money

      Trying out the game in demo mode is one of the best ways to get used to how it plays. While you won’t be able to impact how the game plays when playing it for real, it will allow you to understand how the game works. You will then be able to decide on the best way to set up your bankroll to play for real money.

      Overall Rating

      The Fire Joker slot machine has a lot going for it. It also has some limitations in place too though. We’ve taken a final look at the game in order to provide you with the easiest way to decide if this is the game for you.

      Fire Joker: Overall Score
      User Experience
      Game Features
      Sounds & Visuals
      Final Rating

      User Experience: 3.5/5

      Fire Joker is relatively easy to play. The controls are simple and it’s very responsive to commands. On top of this changing the stake is very easy and there is mobile play. What drags it down slightly is that it would be nice to have better controls over stake levels, especially with the low number of paylines.

      Game Features: 3/5

      In terms of features Fire Joker is one of the more lean titles on the market. There’s just the two features included and there isn’t a free spins round at all. There are also no scatters so no wins from off the paylines.

      Payouts: 3/5

      Because Fire Joker is a medium volatility game the wins aren’t amongst the highest on the market. However, there’s still a decent level there for players and the ability to add multipliers to some wins also adds some extra payouts to players.

      Sounds & Visuals: 4.5/5

      The visuals and sounds for the Fire Joker slot are excellent. It has an excellent retro feel but with modern levels of quality. This applies to both how it looks and how it sounds. When you’re playing this game you could be forgiven for thinking you’re playing a classic fruit machine that’s been levelled up.

      Final Rating: 4/5

      Overall, Fire Joker is a very fun video slot. It’s simple to play, the paylines are laid out well and it has some interesting features. What makes it just miss out on being a top level game is twofold. Firstly, the RTP is set at quite a low level. Secondly, it would be nice to have a few other features included. It’s still a fun game to play though and is definitely worth a look.

      Fire Joker FAQs

      Can I play Fire Joker for free online?

      Most definitely. You’re able to load up and start playing Fire Joker right here at in demo mode. It means that you can develop your winning strategy by playing the game in free play mode.

      Where can I play the Fire Joker slot for real money?

      There are a number of high class online casinos on the market. Just read through the fantastic reviews we have available and you can find the right site for you.

      Do I have to pay to play the Fire Joker slot machine?

      It depends. If you want to play for real prizes then you will have to pay to play the game. However, if you just want to play for fun or to practice then the demo version doesn’t have any costs.

      How can I deposit to play the Fire Joker slot online for real money?

      As soon as you have registered an account with your chosen online casino then you can make a deposit. Just make your way to the account page and from there you will be able to make a deposit and start playing.

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      Game statistics

      Fire Joker
      Provider: Playn Go
      Reels: 3
      Rows: 3
      Paylines: 5
      RTP: 94.23
      Jackpot: Not Available