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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you miss the old-style retro slots then take a look at 8 Ball Slots by Playtech as it’s certain to hit your sweet spot.

An online video slot which takes its inspiration from retro games of the past, you’ll be spinning the reels for instant cash wins.

But will you be able to sink the winning ball for the big time cash prize? Here’s a review of 8 Ball Slots from Playtech with all the info you need for play.

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Classic Styling

It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for an impressive slot which uses state of the art 3D graphics and packs a powerful punch, then this game probably isn’t for you.

However, just because it can’t compete with any of the more contemporary titles in those areas doesn’t mean this game doesn’t have a charm of its own.

Retro styling and smooth play make this a popular choice with anyone who enjoys spinning the reels on a classic, and playing in a more traditional manner. And with everything contained all on one screen, there’s a real sense that this game is a wonderful blast from the past.

Compact in size but still well designed – as you’d expect from a Playtech title – it’s easy to play and quick to understand for those who are new to slots.

All in One

Bigger slots are more commonplace now but there’s still plenty of room for smaller slot games in this style.

8 Ball Slots has three reels which are laid out in the classic 3×3 configuration. The contrast between the reels and the symbols is sharp which makes it easy to read even on devices with smaller screens.

There’s just a single payline on this game and it runs through the centre of the reels. If you cast your mind back to the original fruit slots which operated a similar system, the payline will be clear to see.

The reels aren’t overcrowded because with every spin there’s just nine balls in sight. Some slots which use three reels jam in lots of symbols and it can be difficult to see exactly which one runs through the central payline. That’s not the case here as there’s three distinct lines with one centre line of symbols clearly hitting the payline. You just need to hope that these are the symbols you want to see!

Although you can’t change the payline you can decide how much you want to bet per spin. Despite the game being very basic, you’ll still have the choice of betting between one coin and two. If you want to restrict it to just one, simply click on the “bet one” button on the control panel on screen. If you decide you want to bet with two coins, click the same button again!

You can decide how much to value each coin at as well, from the minimum of 0.01 up to the maximum of 100.00. Playing with a single coin this gives a total min bet of 0.01 but if you opt for two coins, you’ll ramp up the max bet to 200.00. For such a deceptively small game, this is a large bet and can bring great returns!

Pocket the Winning Ball

The paytable is held on the main screen, as is found in classic style fruit slots, and here you’ll be able to see exactly what you could win.

Matching up three identical balls will give you a prize but you’ll also get a payout if you line up three stripes or spots too. Just like playing in real life, the black ball is worth the most and if you land three on the central payline while on a max bet, you’ll scoop the top prize of 2,000.

Playing with a single coin offers prizes of between 2 and 800 while playing with two coins pays out between 4 and 2,000, so you’ll have to work out what your budget can stretch to!

Sink the Winner

8 Ball Slots from Playtech is an online video slot which is deceptively simple in appearance. There are plenty of prizes to be won, and smart design features which mean this is easier and more enjoyable to play than some of the older games of the same ilk. Admittedly this style of slot isn’t for everyone but those new to playing will find this to be a gentle introduction and it’s certain to please fans of retro gaming too.