Battle of the Gods Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Very few real cash slots can be as epic as Battle of the Gods, a slot machine that instills a sense of foreboding into hearts simply by reading its title. It’s a fantasy inspired 5-reel slot, with the moody atmosphere of blockbusters such as The Hobbit. Play this only if you’re fully prepared for the battle that awaits you ahead.

In true Playtech style, the matrix is a fine display of in-depth images that perfectly set the tone of the entire game; with the intense soundtrack added into the mix, you’re transported to the frontlines of this war. This slot would be juicy enough for most, even without features, but the brand have outdone themselves by providing a couple of bonus rounds.

Not matter if you turn out to be a Titan or a God, there’s going to be a lot of action on these reels…!

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Plan of Attack

Before you even get a sniff at the features, you need to determine how you want to play this game: do you want to go in, swords raised, or stealth attack your enemies? Usually in Playtech slot machines, there’s an obvious payoff in either of these approaches, but in Battle of the Gods, you get the same rewards no matter what you play. And so you can bet the max of 1,250 or go cheap and stake just 0.25.

The (+) and (-) widgets will allow you to easily set your wager, while the Max Bet will take you right to the top, no questions asked. As a general rule, all Playtech games have the same layout for their controls, meaning you should find everything in the same place, no matter what title you’re playing.

Special X

Remember how we said that it didn’t matter whether you were a Titan or a God? Well when it comes to The X-Feature, that becomes a bit of a lie. The reason for this is that only the God icons can gift you this bonus level; if you’re unsure of which symbols fall into this category, look out for the images with the blue background. Or you can use the paytable info given for extra help.

These symbols then need to form a giant X in the middle of the matrix, a feat that is easier said than done considering the medium volatility of this slot. Nonetheless, once you have all the tiles in place, an instantaneous win of x5 of your stake will be paid to you. That could mean some serious cash, especially for those high rollers that bit the bullet and opted in the full amount.

Pick a Side

The main attraction of Battle of the Gods is the Free Games Feature, which has God Mode and Titan Mode; whenever you get three temple symbols, the games will launch in the latter mode. However, depending on the wild that lands upon the reels, you could soon be playing for the other team.

For that to happen though, that all changing icon needs to land on the third reel to count. Imagine for a moment that that’s happened: you then have eight rounds rather than unlimited courtesy of God Mode. But, should you find the opposition’s wild icon, the mode will be changed once again. It sounds more complex than what it is, though it’s definitely a feature that’s better experienced rather than being read about. All you really need to know is that God Mode is the more rewarding of the two, for it has unlimited rounds to gift you.

Battle Cry!

Having played a few other Playtech slots before this, we were expecting much of the same – the same layout, controls, and features. Even though there’s some truth to that expectation, Battle of the Gods still manages to separate itself from the likes of the Avengers, and not just in graphics but in gameplay too. This is a highly immersive experience for all who play, regardless of whether you’re a paying customer or not.