Benchwarmer Football Girls Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Football is a fun game, isn’t it? The action on the pitch, the highs and lows of each team, the sense of victory when you walk home with a win – it all makes it a beautiful game. But you know what can make it even better: women. That’s right, stick some women in cropped football shirts, wearing nothing but knickers, and you’re immediately onto a winner; at least that’s the logic that Playtech used with Benchwarmer Football Girls.

Due to the content of the game, some female gamers may be put off by the sexualised imagery included, but if they’re able to look past that ‘issue’, they’ll be in for 30 winlines of big wins. Not to mention there’s a great little bonus round to kick the game up a notch.

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Girls Everywhere

Nearly every other tile upon the 3×5 matrix is of an attractive female – blonde haired, blue eyed, dark skinned – there’s a lot of variety to be had, visually speaking. However, that’s about as far as the diversity goes in regards to the aesthetic, for Playtech have actually presented users with a lacklustre interface. This clearly isn’t meant to be one of their more popular games, and yet a lot of players love it because of its chosen theme.

The entire screen looks dated, like an online game you would have seen back in the 1990s, and then you have the cheesy sound effects, once again cementing the idea that the game is out of touch with contemporary slots. This is a real cash slot that could do with a facelift, but seeing as it’s only an average Joe, the likelihood of that is remote at best.

Cheeky Punt

Let’s face it, the majority of us are playing to get some cash out of the experience; with that in mind, it’s about time we got onto the topic of betting. You can play without funds, if you so wish, though any win will be for your satisfaction only, which doesn’t seem all that appealing to us.

Most Playtech slots start off with a very small wager, but Benchwarmer Football Girls actually has a slightly higher pay-in of 6 credits. It’s not a scandalous amount to ask for, but it’s not their norm. Furthermore, their maximum bet amount is also a lot bigger, hitting the 3,000 credits mark. Needless to say, you’ll want to be a high roller if you play this game, which of course limits its accessibility.

The thing is, what you bet has no impact on the monetary returns whatsoever, and so we have to ask ourselves whether risking such large amounts of cash is worth it for a 10,000 win? Especially when we can get that no matter what money we lay down.


You’ve probably seen the bonus symbol knocking about on the grid, but you won’t get anything out of it just by looking, in fact, you need to land two of them on the first and fifth reels for it to count. Thereafter, you have a row of different footballs to choose from, with three being your lucky number; all the totals are randomly chosen, with the prizes you select being added together at the end.

Although this is a very basic selection process, you have the plus of seeing hot girls pop up with the money values whenever you select a ball. It’s not much, but it’s something to appreciate while you watch your payout value fluctuate.

My Girl

When it comes to the free games, you get to finally pick one of the girls to champion as your babe, rather than merely looking at them. Your chosen benchwarmer will then expand across the first reel, while the rest of the grid spins away for the remainder of the feature.

Again, this is a very low key and lacklustre experience for everyone involved, but it can mean some substantial wins for you, and so we have to overlook the underwhelming action.