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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’re a fun loving, world saving gamer who has been searching the ranks of Playtech in a desperate bid for more action, you’ve come to the right place with the 5 reels of Captain America. This real cash slot has plenty of adventure for you, while bringing together the comic book and cinematic side of the Marvel franchise.

Seeing as this is a Marvel Playtech slot, you have the joy of randomly triggering what is known as the Marvel Jackpot, as well as some interesting free games. This isn’t going to be the most varied online experience, but for a small pay-in of 0.20 credits you can have a whale of a time battling the forces of Hydra.

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Vintage Filter

We love how fitting the aesthetic is for the Captain America game, it just works so well with the universe we’ve engaged with before. In case you’ve not heard of this hero (and if not, why not), he was frozen in ice for 75 years and so he’s a man out of time; a vintage guy in the contemporary world. That’s what you’re sold when you load up the game. The grid looks like it’s had an Instagram filter slapped onto it to make it look aged, and my goodness it works wonders.

Then you have the mechanics of gameplay which are modern, and so the combination of what Cap is dealing with is translated from one medium to another with ease. We thought Playtech had got it right with the Avengers slot machine, but this one is put together much better.


Should you have any hope of getting the progressive jackpot, which is only active during real play, then you need to randomly unlock the feature. As you can tell from the use of the word ‘randomly’, you have no control over when that happens.

That being said, once it does, you do have control over which squares you click to reveal different jackpot symbols; get three of the same and you’re winning.

The Good and the Bad

As this is following the storyline of the first film, you’ll be given some ‘good’ symbols and also ‘bad’ ones, with them each colour coded in either blue or red (we’re sure you can guess which colour represents which).

In among these you have two unique symbols, one of Captain America himself and the other of Hydra’s Red Skull; they can substitute their own symbols, but not one another’s. Furthermore, when substituting several of their own icons, players will receive a doubled up win.

In a Blaze of Glory

These two main characters, one the protagonist and the other the antagonist, will feature in the Super Energy Free Games as well. For that to even happen though, you’ll need to get the Cap on the first reel, followed by a shield on the third, and then Red Skull on the fifth; a tricky combo to land, we can all agree.

Assuming you’ve got past that first part, you’ll be asked to choose from the shields now on the screen, with them all hiding differing rewards. Sometimes you’ll get extra free games on top of the four you’ve unlocked, while others offer expanding wilds and/or multipliers. Should you find the Super Spins logo, you’ll get a villain or hero experience to savour, which follows a similar process to the main game symbols.

Too Much of the Same Thing

When it comes to how we feel about this Captain America slot, we have to say that the jury’s still out; it has good qualities, but the features are too same old. Not one of them even attempts to introduce something new into the mix, instead deciding to feed off of the expected good vs bad. On a simplistic level it’s fantastic, but if you’re looking for innovation, you’re going to be disappointed.

Fortunately, if Captain America falls short, there are plenty of other Marvel slots lurking about online, such as Iron Man 1, 2 and 3, as well as The Incredible Hulk.