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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You’re probably looking at this title and thinking, “Hold up, I’ve seen that name from Playtech before!” Yes, this is the sequel to the slot machine Captain’s Treasure. This is arguably the more impressive of the two real cash slots, most obviously due to the improvement in graphics.

Even though much headway has been made in the quality of the game, there’s a lot of adventure lacking in the paytable of this slot, and so the variance is rather low. There’s a double or nothing available after a win is made, but other than that, there’s only one more bonus. As a result, this is a low impact, low variance, medium volatility game – boy, that’s a mouthful to say out loud.

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Upgraded to First Class

If you’ve played the original game from Playtech, you’ll note that there’s a lot of change in the aesthetic of both games. The first one is a lot more cartoony and colourful, whereas this slot takes a more 3D edge. Personally, we feel like the Captain’s Treasure game has more charm than the Pro version, mainly because of its illustrative quality. Nonetheless, as far as advancements go, this one has stepped up its design.

Despite having been revamped, the grid still shows a lot of card value symbols, which we feel could have been replaced with more in-keeping images. Instead of being a fully immersive experience, you’re reminded that this slot has edges and therefore limits too; the quality is diminished.

Betting Range Selection

Most of Playtech’s previous slot machine have been easy to understand when it comes to the betting system, but with this one we were a little stumped. This is because of the inclusion of the coin value widget, meaning that the Bet Per Line button only increases so much before you have to alter the value of the credits. Bring back simpler betting, Playtech, this change feels extremely unnecessary and cumbersome.

Pirate Skull

We’ve already mentioned this but only briefly, and so let’s talk about the gamble option that is offered up whenever you bank some cash. It’s a card game, but instead of guessing the next colour, you have to firstly select one card and then another which is higher than that. It’s the ladder game we’ve seen elsewhere, but with a card layout to help make it feel a lot more fresh and original.

Once you’re inside the mini level, you get to choose whether you bank all the money you’ve made and leave the round, or whether you bet half or the full amount; we always played just half. We didn’t want to lose all the cash we’d just made, but you can decide whether or not you play it as safe as us.

What’s in the Chest?

If you’re looking to get into the bonus round of Captain’s Treasure Pro, you need to get three treasure chests on one of the many winlines. You’ll be given 10 waves to play, free of charge, as well as one of the paytable symbols being chosen to be the feature game’s scatter symbol (this means the regular scatter isn’t included).

This is a very bog standard feature for a slot machine to offer, and even though the games can be retriggered, there’s still not a lot of variance to be found here. It’s disappointing that a second game has been created in this series, to only lack any form of real change save for aesthetically speaking. Playtech could have provided more, but they decided not to.

Not Quite a Pro

Captain’s Treasure Pro had us all excited, especially when the interface loaded up, but the intensity of the newness soon flaked away when we realised that we weren’t getting anything original. We can’t deny that the design here is more polished, but we have to admit that we prefer the original slot machine, its raw graphics giving it more of a swashbuckling atmosphere.