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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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When someone cries out the word ‘Chippendales’, most women get flustered at the very idea of the infamous strip show. Even though this group of male dancers has been changing up their act since the late 1970s, one thing always remains the same: hot men, stripping down and shaking their thing.

Due to the very nature of the show and what it’s about, there’s a intro clip to the slot machine just in case you’re not fully aware of what you’re about to play. It shows men dancing in front of women in nothing but thongs – a good indicator of what’s to come once you get started. Though granted, the 3×5 matrix is a lot tamer than that first clip, which will undoubtedly sadden the players who’ve come for the whole show and not just (ahem!) a small package.

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Having been fully aware of what the Chippendales are all about, we’d expected this real cash slot (with the same name) to be a lot more riske, but instead it’s pretty vanilla. There’s tiles of half naked men and a fantastically cheesy, almost porno sounding soundtrack, but that’s about as far as the theme is taken. After that you merely have a rich purple and silver interface, which is hardly the stuff of women’s dreams.

Even the animation of winning symbols, which of course means that you can see the men flash even more skin, don’t save this slot machine from feeling flat. We wanted to be rigid with excitement, but instead we’re lukewarm at best; this feels like a missed opportunity by Playtech to capitalise on the theme.

Stripping Down

We may just have given the game a lot of flack for its uninviting aesthetic, but those animations we feel don’t quite match up to our expectations, do have one redeeming feature: they strip.

For this to happen though, they need to be part of a winning combo, and then they won’t strip down until the next spin when they appear. Allow us to explain: we got the fireman on our first playthrough, who starts off with a yellow coat, yet by the next spin he’s only wearing his trousers and braces. The transition is subtle, but no doubt you’ll notice with looking so hard at those… hard reels.

Sizzling Heat

The temperature can heat up greatly should you get the wheel symbol on the first, third and fifth reels; then you’ll get to watch as one of the gorgeous Chippendales spins that wheel especially for you.

As for the prizes, they are a set of varying numbers, some only as small as 5 and others reaching over 40. You might naturally think that they’re credit values, but their actually multipliers of your initial bet, which means their rewards can be great or small depending on what you’ve wagered. Regardless of your level of success, the round will only allow you to select one of the options, making it a short-lived experience.

Getting Buff

When playing Chippendales, you’re going to get seriously ripped, mainly because of how difficult it is to score a win. You may have 20 winlines, but that doesn’t mean your time with the boys is going to be easy, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

When we compare with other notoriously volatile slots, like the ones from Novomatic, we have to say that this game is medium in its challenge factor. That probably won’t make you feel better when playing, but at least you know that it’s not as hard going as it could have been, if it had been created by another brand.

What a Show!

When it comes down to the playability of this slot machine, Chippendales does surprisingly well; sure, it lacks impact with its design, but the actual gameplay is solid. Then you have the unique finishing touches, such as the stripping symbols, that immediately give you a more tangible experience.

The only real drawback with the slot is that a lot of male users may find the subject matter uncomfortable to engage with, making this a slot primarily aimed at female gamers.