Cops N’ Bandits Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Cops N’ Bandits is a traditional take on those childhood moments when we played cops and robbers with our friends, only now we get cash from the experience, and we don’t need to actually run around. Yay for all us lazy people!

Placed inside a charming interface, consisting of 5-reels and 30 winlines, you’ll find there’s plenty of ways to create a big win. There’s your conventional paytable that rewards money, then two bonus levels, one of which is all about free games. And you get all that for a reasonable betting price, making this yet another Playtech real cash slot that delivers with value for money.

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This slot machine has quite the introduction clip, introducing you to both of the robbers in glorious 3D graphics, and yet when the video slot loads, the aesthetic is flat. There’s still depth there, but not nearly as much as we saw in the opening vid.

At first we were concerned that it wouldn’t work, witnessing such a contrast in appearance, but then once you get playing, you find that the two mediums complement each other. It adds a uniqueness to the design and theme, which makes Cops N’ Bandits more enjoyable to play.

Moving away from the exclusive details of the matrix, you have the typical Playtech setup of the controls at the bottom, the grid in the middle, and the title on top. Rarely do they deviate from that common formula.

Most Wanted

There are quite a few features to sink your teeth into, but for now we’ll look at the Line-Up Bonus, a chance for you to partake in a police line-up. Gaining access to the round isn’t like landing a normal combo, as you need just three matches rather than three or over. What is more, you need to get the symbols on the first, third and fifth reels, at the same time.

None of the above can happen inside the free games, which means that the difficulty in unlocking the level is relatively tough. However, once you get inside the feature, you’ll be shown six robbers, with your goal to select the one who committed the crime. You can pick the wrong one, several times, but each time you do you’ll lose money from the cash prize detailed at the top of the screen. You’d better speed the process up and get it right first time, otherwise you’ll be missing out on any decent cash prizes.

Show Your Badge

A police badge is seen as a symbol of justice, but in Cops N’ Bandits it’s also seen as a signifier of free games. Unlike the Line-Up Bonus, you can get up to five matching symbols in a combo, anywhere on the reels, which makes achieving the round a lot easier.

The free games don’t merely launch though, for you’ll need to select either one or two of the police badges upon your reels; the number you select is determined by the number of symbols on the grid. To up the ante and keep the entertainment flowing, there’s a locked in wild detail, helping to make those wins a little more enticing. What is more, should you get a cop on either side of one of the robbers, you’ll get an extra wild thrown in for good luck.

On the Run!

Playtech’s Cops N’ Bandits video slot is a good all rounder that delivers novelty and traditional gameplay in relatively equal measures. This isn’t going to be a slot that purists enjoy, for it has too many fancy flourishes, but for the majority of users, there’ll be enough redeeming features to draw them in.

As for what’s offered, the variance isn’t quite as forthcoming as it first looks, mainly because one of the special features is inside one of the two bonuses. Then you have the fact that one of the bonus levels is free games, which we see in many other slots.

This is a modern slot machine that will serve you well no matter your need, whether you want a quick punt or a long game, but it’s doubtful it’ll be the best you discover among Playtech’s games.