Desert Treasure II Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Is there anywhere better to search for treasure than in a desert? It’s one of those generic conventions that we’ve become so accustomed to, that any game that deviates from that norm feels alien to us. Although predictable in its design, Desert Treasure II is a great way of building on the original slot, Desert Treasure.

As volatile as it is bold, this 20 fixed lines real cash slot will have you spinning towards the sun in a bid to uncover as much cash as possible, not that cash is all there is to find. In some instances you’ll unearth free games, as well as the Oasis Bonus.

We might be about to get sand in all of our cracks, but it seems to be more than worth it.

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Coming up Gold

The aesthetic of this slot machine is breathtaking in its gold and orange beauty; it’s cartoony and yet has lots of authenticity about its 5 reels. The quality is on the higher scale of Playtech titles, with the images all being 3D and exclusive to the gameplay.

When compared with the original game, you’ll see that virtually everything about it has been updated and polished off, and so this isn’t so much of a sequel as a remake; maybe they should have called in Desert Treasure HD? Part of us likes the fact that Playtech have gone back and breathed new life into one of their old favourites, and another part of us wanted something different to engage with rather than a facelift of the original.

Is This Real Life or Just Fantasy?

Being left out under the sun, in the desert, with little to no water can send a lot of people spiralling over the edge, and as a result, they don’t know if what they’re seeing is real or a mirage. Playing on that notion, we’re given the Oasis Bonus, a way of obtaining paradise in this dusty place.

The map symbol is the one that you’ll need to match up, in a group of at least three but no more than five. When you’ve secured that win, you’ll be shown several chests which you can open, though the number you can unlock depends on the number of symbols found. Find three of the map, you get to open three chests, and so on.

Money is the basic currency here, but users can also open one of the boxes to find a means of accessing one of two more areas, where the process described above will be repeated. Therefore, this round has the potential to be highly rewarding, and quite interactive, though that does depend on how lucky you are as a person.

Arabian Beauty

Exotic landscapes are one thing, but exotic beauties are what make a slot memorable, and with the scatter icon of this game, you’re sure to remember her. The dark hair, the mysterious eyes, her red lips – they all sell desire and curiosity in equal measures.

Despite her enthralling appearance, she is only a means of getting free games, which is much less exciting than we’d been hoping for. And unlike in previous Playtech slots where there’s been a unique feature included, here you just get a x2 multiplier on all wins. It’s like the brand started to try and then lost interest and moved onto something else… Needless to say, we’re disappointed.

False Treasure

The name Desert Treasure II might imply that there’s a lot of riches to be found, but we simply discovered that the brand went half heartedly in their approach to this game. Instead of improving on the original, they gave it a shiny new look and then left it be, at least for the majority. The Oasis Bonus is the only element of the slot that we can truly praise, and even then it’s not quite as immersive as we’d have liked; there’s no sense of risk when you play it.

Overall, we think that Playtech would have been better leaving this slot machine as a concept, rather than creating it and essentially developing the same game as before.