Dr. Lovemore Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Playtech is serving up a lot of love in this video slot called Dr. Lovemore, a cringeworthy name that hints at the cheese feast we’re about to endure. Normally these sort of slot machines have tacky written all over them, but here the brand has done a good job of creating a well balanced interface.

Served up on 5 reels and with 30 winlines, it’s one of the larger slots that the brand has to offer, allowing for greater winning opportunities. This not only means that the cash prizes appear more often, but that the free games do as well, meaning that this love doctor will be sharing a lot more than just his love.

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Pink to Make the Boys Wink

This slot machine is obviously one aimed at the ladies out there, and we’re not just assuming that based on the theme of the game, but the colour palette and free games logo as well – it’s a pair of men’s pants. Everything here screams female entertainment, and so a lot of males may be put off by the idea of playing this activity.

You also have a very cutesy, lovey dovey theme that is very airy and carefree, like something you might see in a dream; the edges of the graphics are softer, more rounded. As far as the design goes, it works well with the title of the game, but for us it feels like the atmosphere is laid on a bit too thick – the pretty in pink is somewhat suffocating.

What is more, without any decent sound effects, this game starts to feel dated, even though it’s not that old a title; a ping here and a spin there makes you feel like you’re in an 80s game and not a contemporary one.

The Pants Come Off

In regards to the features here, the free games is the only way you leave the main body of the title; it also means you get little variance. Nonetheless, when you create a winning line of underpants on the first and fifth reels, as many as 20 rounds on the house will be gifted to you.

Undoubtedly the brand knew that such an offering would be too mundane for the vast majority of users, which is likely why a double win multiplier has been given here. Whenever you make a win, you get the amount doubled. This sounds brilliant, but considering your wins can be extremely low, the doubling up does little to bolster your funds.

The (Ahem!) Big One

When it comes down to gameplay in this title, we’re given the staple setup we always are, which provides a comfortable environment in which players can game. The typical amount of reels, winlines and combo groupings help create a sense of familiarity, even though the style of this slot is greatly different from that of Dolphin Cash. That being said, we can’t help but feel that Playtech could afford to change up their layout sometimes.

Playtech is a well-known brand, and so a certain level of quality is expected to be met every time they release a slot; they meet it here, but there’s nothing innovative about the gameplay. You have 12 symbols, most of which require a match of three, four or five, with five matches paying out the most money. Even the fact that the pants symbol has a unique need to land on certain reels doesn’t help invigorate the gameplay.

Need More Lovin’

Dr. Lovemore should be the guru of all love and sex in this slot machine, yet it leaves us hanging on, begging for so more, more, MORE! We get a free games feature, but that isn’t nearly enough to sate our needs, especially when we’re used to Playtech delivering at least one bonus round in addition to such a feature.

Also, you have the sexist theme of the game, which not only portrays women’s interests in a questionable way, but also makes it much harder for men to engage with the subject matter. Dr. Lovemore could have been an all inclusive experience, but instead it’s a gendered one that adheres to outdated stereotypes.