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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you were to break down the biggest names in online casino gaming history, you can be sure that Playtech would rank somewhere near the top of the list. Easily qualifying as a “powerhouse”, when Playtech releases a game, the gambling world has a tendency to sit up and take notice. Proving this theory to be accurate, Goblins Cave is a game that has certainly created plenty of online casino portal chatter prior to its release.

Taking players on trip to where goblins rule the roost, Goblins Cave is a game that is built upon the 3×3 reel structure of old. For some, this is a type of slot game setup that needs to be put out to pasture, but it’s clear that Playtech doesn’t subscribe to that theory. Looking to revitalise a forgotten genre, does Goblins Cave hit the mark?

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Ghastly Goblins Aplenty

Ghouls and goblins as a theme has had a rough time over the years, as the film and video games that have adopted such have hardly done the theme justice. With Goblins Cave, Playtech is attempting to steer things back on the right path. Admittedly, this is by no means the best looking Playtech game we’ve ever seen, in fact, it probably doesn’t even rank in the top five, but in spite of that Goblins Cave does have a certain cartoon charm to it. Not brilliant, but certainly fun nonetheless, the theme and UI of Goblins Cave at minimum delivers what’s required.

The symbols in Goblins Cave surprised us, as while they’re encased in an average looking game, the icons here appear incredibly well designed. Imposed onto what looks like wooden blocks, the symbols in the game appear to have a hand drawn art style. Featuring crowns, rings, teapots, and more, the symbols here are likely to catch your eye.

Muddling Through the Caves

Goblins Cave is a game modelled upon the classic slot machines of old, which you can probably gather through the 3 reel, 3 row approach taken. If anyone has played an old school style slot game before, they’ll be well aware that the gameplay tends to be pretty rigid. Within Goblins Cave all you have to work with is 3 paylines, so there is a definite challenge to be found within this title.

While the challenge to secure a payout is evident, Goblins Cave is at least a budget friendly game. The lowest wager to cover all 3 paylines in this game is 0.15, but that doesn’t mean that high rollers are left out in the cold, on the contrary, as the max bet in this game is a staggering 1500.00. It’s so rare to see any game allow for a four-figure wager on a single spin, let alone within a 3-reel game, so this alone makes Goblins Cave a standout Playtech release.

Pick, Spin, and Win

For a 3×3 reel style, this game really does pack a lot into the experience. Another element of Goblins Cave that surprised us was the bonus features, because there is plenty to enjoy here.

The wild symbols in Goblins Cave are largely self-explanatory, because if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all as they say. However, the dedicated bonus round in this game gives the Goblins Cave an additional edge. It’s only a pick and win style game at heart, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s fun to play.

Cranking the Wheel

The control setup of Goblins Cave is actually slightly different to other Playtech games, as all information related to pay levels has been shunted to the side of the screen. The buttons and standard control panel still remains at the bottom of the screen, but by shifting a few things it does appear that on-screen space is used fairly effectively here.

Take a Trip into the Goblins Cave!

Goblins Cave hardly looks like a five-star online slots release, as its graphics are certainly on the corny side. However, the game is more than rescued by the gameplay and bonuses it offers up, as they are on a different to level to what we’ve seen within classic slots titles elsewhere.

Taking Goblins Cave for what it’s worth, it’s pretty obvious that this medium variance title is a hidden gem within the fast growing Playtech game catalogue.