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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Ever dreamt of getting your hands on big and furry bear? Well, if you have, Playtech’s Lucky Panda won’t directly make your dreams come true, but it’ll give you the chance to win some serious money, which is a pretty fair compromise in our eyes. Overflowing with cuteness, cuddliness, and fur, Lucky Panda offers you a friendly, comfortable setting in which to try and win some seriously big time prizes.

When a developer tries to create a game that airs on the side of being cute and cuddly, it often produces mixed results. Throwing clichés at players in abundance is a pretty common pitfall, which is something that Playtech has tried to avoid. Taking Lucky Panda at a face value, are the reels of this game worth spinning? Read on to find out!

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Lacking That Special Something

Is Lucky Panda the best look Playtech game? The answer to that question is probably no, but that isn’t to say that Lucky Panda looks bad, because it doesn’t. The theme is enjoyable and there is certainly plenty of charm here, but it is just missing that special something. Production values that Playtech are so famous for are really lagging here and the look of Royal Panda suffers slightly as a result.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Lucky Panda has 5 reels, but it does away with paylines entirely. Instead of the typical 3 rows, Lucky Panda offers you a 4-row setup, allowing you to bet a slightly higher amount than you could on a regular slot.

Aside from all the typical slot machine symbols, from the low-end 9 through to the Ace, Lucky Panda hosts a menagerie of unique symbols, including, of course, the eponymous pandas, as well as the tiger, the snake, birds, monkeys, and a battery of bears. The black and white beast itself is the scatter symbol, of course, while the Lucky Panda logo is the wild symbol.

Endangered, Special, and Highly Profitable

A spin that lands you three pandas will activate the bonus game, which gives you 15 free spins, with a 2x multiplier on all the money you win on these spins. Only the activated paylines count, however, so make sure you play up to the hilt on the bonus game in order to maximise your winnings.

Pandas are rare, and increasingly isolated. So, appropriately enough getting three pandas in a line on Lucky Panda will grant you yet another 15 free spins on top of your total. Landing two pandas in the regular game mode will grant you the opportunity to nab a third. Holding the two previously caught pandas fast, all the other reels spin once more, giving you the chance of catching that hard to find but much desired third panda. Of course, you can expect your payout to jump through the roof if you catch three of these beasts.

Chowing Down on Bamboo

Lucky Panda claims to offer 1,024 ways to win, as the regular payline pattern is certainly torn up and thrown away by this game. Virtually any combination on any payline will send some cold, hard cash your way. Nothing bad about that in itself, but play for too long and you could see your own costs mounting. The minimum bet is 14.40. But it’s betting at the highest levels which really unlock these 1,024 ways to win – this opportunity, as ever, does not come free of charge, costing 72.00.

Hot Lucky Panda Alternatives

Looking at what else is out there, two games jump out to us as being very similar to Lucky Panda. These two games are Arcadia I3D and Hot Ink. While these two games are hardly household names, if you enjoy Lucky Panda, you’ll probably enjoy these two particular titles.

Lucky Panda is Soft, Cutesy, and Challenging!

Although charming and soft in appearance, the panda is, you must remember, an actual bear, and only the bravest and strongest should approach it. Likewise, while Lucky Panda’s ambience is fun and welcoming, in reality the nature of the betting options the game offers means that it is only those gambling at the highest stakes who will really be able to appreciate all that this game has to offer.

In the main, Lucky Panda grabs you and offers some high quality visuals, but it is by no means for those of you looking to put in some unserious, small-time bets, as this high variance games presents one hefty challenge.