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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Playtech has presented us all with yet another opportunity to spin the reels for glory with brand new title Medusa’s Gaze. This 8-reel game features various coloured blocks that spin around (or should we say up) into combos. It includes 12 paylines, where wins occur when three or more matched blocks are found either horizontally or vertically aligned with one another on the somewhat unique 4×8 grid.

Playtech certainly aren’t averse to trying something new, which is exactly what they’ve done with Medusa’s Gaze. That being said, does the unique appeal of Medusa’s Gaze make it a must play? There is only one way to find out!

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Experience the Legend of Medusa

Nearly everyone knows that a look into the eyes of Medusa will turn you into stone. That’s obvious from the old Ancient Greek mythologies, which feature that snake-covered woman. She was wicked, but she was no match for Perseus when he came along to destroy her with a mirrored shield. The tales of the reptilian haired woman are infamous, with Medusa being alive and well and hosting this new slot game from Playtech.

You’ll see that Medusa’s Gaze is right at the centre of this game, as she lifts her head up over the rotating reels here to see what’s going on. She is graphically designed with 3D animations, the same that are used in video games, with the game delivering a surprisingly impressive visual experience.

A Different Way to Spin

This is definitely a unique slot game to say the least on the visuals front. This only continues onto the reels, as the spinners are given four rings of a wheel, which offer up 8 columns of colored blocks every time it stops. As we explained earlier, getting matching blocks in a row leads to wins, which can then lead to multiplied wins as new blocks fall in to take the place until no more wins are left accessible.

You can choose to bet as little as 0.20 credits, and up to 100.00 credits in this game, with wagers split between the following increments, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00, 50.00, or 100.00.

Cascading from Left and Right

The cascading blocks feature is definitely the golden feature of Medusa’s Gaze. Whenever you get a winning combo, Medusa pokes her head up to give you a stony stare, as new blocks fall in from the left or the right of the screen. But there’s something we haven’t told you yet – with every new wining row of blocks comes an increase in your multiplier by 1x. That packs in the potential for some serious winnings, as you can easily transform a low-level win into something much loftier.

Locked in Stone

Even if it is a strange slot game at hear, Medusa’s Gaze still offers the old wild symbol we all know and love. In this game, the wild symbol is a white block that can take the place of any other block. Yes, the classic bonus elements in this medium variance game are few and far between, you can’t argue too much against the wild symbol inclusion here.

Racing off the Grid

When it comes to hunting out games that carry similar credentials to Medusa’s Gaze we were largely left scratching our heads. But if you really are on the quest to find something that features along the same lines, Cog Mania is probably worth taking a look at. The reason behind this recommendation is that it makes use of a very similar grid system, along with being a medium variance title.

Stare Directly into Medusa’s Gaze!

If you think you can brave Medusa’s Gaze, you’re sure to be entertained by an exciting game, and maybe even some big wins. In our humble opinion you’ll love the unique gameplay, the fun theme, and the special cascading blocks feature. So many online casino software developers are stuck in a rut these days, unwilling think outside of the box. With Medusa’s Gaze, Playtech has shown they aren’t afraid to throw something new out into the online slots universe to see if it sticks!