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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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It’s not very clear exactly whether Spin 2 Million, a pretty decent online slot machine from Playtech, is trying to suggest illegal activity with its theme, but we kind of like to think it is. At least in a fictional form, anyway.

From the off you can tell it’s going to be a lot of fun, like an 18 Certificate crime caper movie with its tongue firmly placed in its cheek. Like a trip to Dubai, everything is dripping in over the top gold, jewels, metal suitcases, bodyguards, and plenty more where all that came from. The look is good enough, not the nicest drawing we’ve seen, but definitely amongst the best, and the general vibe very much ‘get stuck in’. And win big, of course.

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Gold Bars and Other Riches

So what we have here is a bright and busy 5-reel, 5-payline game that looks to try and get you obsessed with making millions, and doing so either by being obnoxious or robbing safes. On the reels themselves you see a range of colourful characters, to say the least, along with plenty of pictures to go at- the objective being to match up combinations of the same picture or person or number. Do that and watch the cash roll in; dollar dollar bill y’all and all that.

The most common are piles of money, in ever-increasing sizes. Land three or more of these on the reels and you will win up to 500 (for five matches). There are also gold bars, safes, briefcases made for dodgy deals, a $1million and $2million dollar card, and then three characters. We’ll come to what these guys do later, but they basically represent criminal masterminds in a gang, or at least that’s what it feels like. Pretty cool, really.

Cracking the Safe

So you know how to win, now you need to know how to play. basically you begin by choosing how many paylines you want to have in play. The more paylines the more individual chances there are of you actually winning. This will not impact on the value of each individual win, though.

To do that you need to adjust the Bet Per Line rate. The more you’re willing to put in the more you are going to pick up when you land successful combinations. Oh, and we forgot to mention- those combinations must land on active paylines in order to be valid as a win.

Breaking Out

There’s more to the game than meets the eye, as we implied before. The characters are ‘Scatter’ cards, and basically that means they bring about the unexpected. Land three of these, or more anywhere on consecutive reels and you will be introduced to one of the best parts of the game- the safe cracking bonus round! Choose which of the people you think will be able to open the lock and take the money, and you will win some massive prizes. Which is alright by us.

There’s also a ‘Double Up’ feature. Some will recognise this as a ‘Gamble’ on other games. Basically you have to guess the colour of the next card – red or black. Do this correctly and you’ll win cash, and get another go until you get it wrong, or reach $1,500. Again, it’s a great addition that offer plenty of ways to strike it rich. Better yet, considering Spin 2 Million has no cops in it, things look good in terms of you getting away with it all in the end.

It’s a Grower

We’ll level with you – when this first loaded up we weren’t hugely convinced, but it’s safe to say everyone is well and truly on board now. Spin 2 Million is just everything you want in a gambler and nothing you don’t want, with enough going on to ensure you won’t be moving on very quickly once involved.

Double Up is a great feature here, as ever, but the absolutely jewel in the game’s crown comes in the safe cracking competition of a bonus round. This is a stroke of genius, and adds to the air of sophisticated law breaking that comes from seeing all that money, and those rather dodgy looking types who are nevertheless well presented. A real triumph of a slot machine, take it from us that you will want to have a go.