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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Arriba, arriba! It’s time to go loco and enjoy a few round of the Tres Amigos, the online video slot from Playtech. Indulge yourself in the popular Mexican theme and throw on a sombrero while sipping a tequila or two while you spin the reels in this simple introduction to slot play.

Tres Amigos is one of the more basic games in the Playtech collection and if you’re used to playing on more complex slots, you may feel slightly underwhelmed. The graphics are fairly primitive and the colours bright and garish, which don’t create the best first impression. But if you manage to navigate past this obvious flaw, there’s a solid game which is closely inspired by the more traditional fruit slots, but with a Mexican twist. But will you end up feeling as out of luck as the worm in your tequila bottle? Here’s a review of Tres Amigos by Playtech with all the info you need to play.

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Clear to See

Before you embark on any game, it’s always a good idea to check out the paytable first to find out the exact rules, as well as how to win the prizes. In most cases this means navigating away to a separate screen but that’s not the case here. As you would have found in a traditional fruit slot, the payable is on full display on the main screen which means you can check it out at any point you like without having to stop play.

The setup for The Tres Amigos is much more straightforward than with more contemporary types of video slots and you’ll find it fairly easy to remember what to do. The prizes are split into two groups, depending on what you’re betting with so you just need to know whether to look on the right or left hand side of the table. You’ll get a win for matching three other than the red hot chilli where it will pay out a small token sum even if you just land one.

Making Friends

Once you’ve looked through the paytable, it’s time to move over to the reels and cosy up to the Tres Amigos to try and make a new friend. You’ll be playing with just three reels, in a design which is clearly inspired by the retro-style fruit slots. There’s a just a single payline too, another throwback feature which isn’t seen so often on modern games. Therefore, the set-up and features of this game could be appreciated more by those who enjoy a more traditional approach.

Obviously with just the one payline, it’s not possible to make any adjustments but you can decide how much you’d like to bet with. The toggle buttons on the left make it easy to scroll up and down to choose the appropriate level of bet. The minimum sum is 0.01 and the maximum is 5.00. As there’s just a single payline there’s no need to multiply this figure up.

However, you can decide to bet with two coins per line if you prefer; this increases the total max bet to 10.00. The comparatively low stakes and prizes on offer mean that this game isn’t one that will satisfy those looking for the big wins and plays.

What You See Is What You Get

With the Tres Amigos there’s no hidden extras anywhere; what you see is quite literally what you get. There’s no wilds or scatters and no hidden bonus features so it can feel a little rudimentary by modern standards. However this type of play is still sought after and has a niche market for those who prefer a more traditional style. With no distracting themes and no complicated options to navigate, it’s possible just to enjoy spinning the reels and trying to match symbols: no more, no less.

Simple but Easy

The Tres Amigos is an online video slot from Playtech which is far simpler than many of its other titles in the collection. Similar to retro games of the past, this three reel slot is one that players will either love or hate.  A good way for newbies to get started and also a game for purists, the lack of big prizes or high stakes means that it won’t be a winner for anyone looking for a high rolling slot.