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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Return to your roots and play Ugga Bugga, the online video slot from Playtech. Set in the middle of a jungle, you’ll be playing with tribal warriors and communicating in more basic ways. Travel back to a time when language wasn’t necessary – or even invented! – and just immerse yourself in the culture of the tropics.

The theme of Ugga Bugga is pretty clear and easy to identify, even though there’s not a lot of graphics immediately on display. The huge reel area (more on that later!) dominates the screen and at least at first, just creates a large blank area. In the background it’s just possible to see the hint of tropical jungle with vines and trees creeping around.

However, even once the reels are filled it’s fairly obvious that visual effects aren’t the strongest suit for this game as the images are rather flat and one-dimensional. But the fascinating game play more than makes up for what it lacks elsewhere so will you have the strength of character to venture deeper into the jungle? Here’s a review of Ugga Bugga by PLaytech with all the facts you need to know.

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Line ‘Em Up!

Before you start playing it’s always a good idea to find out exactly what you’re up against and what it takes to win, so a quick browse through the paytable can help. It’s easy to move between screens on this game as clicking on the paytable button just pulls down a scrolled chart which reveals the info.

The paytable is contained on just one page and this is because it’s exceedingly simple. Despite the layout of the game appearing to be complex, the way in which you win prizes is very easy. Match three of any of the symbols and you’ll get a prize. For certain symbols, landing event one or two will qualify you for a payout. The sums involved are relatively small but if you play on a max bet and land three of the tribal masks you could win the top prize of x1000.

Unusual Play

Without doubt one of the most intriguing factors about this game is the layout and number of reels. Ugga Bugga can be described as having both three reels and also thirty reels. Confused? The gameboard is split into ten separate sections and each of these sections has three reels. All of the reels in the sections spin independently from each other so although this is technically a three reeler, there’s also 10 separate parts to it, making a total of 30!

Every turn you take is made up of two parts. The first time you click the spin button you’ll only be playing with one set of three reels. Once the symbols have landed you’ll then have the option to hold as many of the symbols as you want. Any that you choose to be held with then be instantly replicated in all of the other corresponding reels above. It’s then time to complete your turn by clicking on the spin button again. All of the held symbols will remain in place while the other reels spin to try and complete the match. If you don’t think any of the reels are worth holding you can take the second part of your turn without freezing any of them and just re-spinning them all.

Despite the complex structure Ugga Bugga is a fairly basic game and you won’t find many extras on the reels. There’s no bonus feature and no free turns; it’s simple a case of spinning the reels and playing to match the symbols. There is one extra that is present and that’s the wild. Represented by a tribal mask and identified by the “wild” text, this symbol can stand in for the others and help to make a match more easily.

Tribal Fun

Ugga Bugga by Playtech is an online video slot which offers a very distinctive style which even more experienced slot players may not have previously seen. There’s an element of skill involved here because deciding what reels to hold and when to simply spin them all again takes a knack.

With a medium degree of variance and an RTP of between 98.74% and 99.07% there’s an excellent chance of a win but due to the complexity, this is a game that’s better for those with some prior experience.