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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Dive down to the bottom of the ocean and meet a colourful cast of creatures in Wacky Waters, the online video slot from Playtech. Kooky and creative, there’s a whole host of fascinating characters waiting to be spun around on the reels in this entertaining interpretation of an ocean-themed slot.

Deep below the surface, there’s not a soul to be seen and gentle bubbles float away to the distant surface. Your companions in this environment are the marine life that live here, including a toothy-grinned shark, a goofy octopus, a shy crab and a rather bloated blowfish to name but a few!

The design of the game is cartoon like without being primitive and the quirky features are instantly captivating. Despite ocean-themed games being particularly popular with slots, this stands out as one that you’d want to play – particularly when you see the long list of extras (but more of that below!). Here’s a review of Wacky Waters by Playtech with all the info you need to start spinning the reels.

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Take a Tour

Before you take the plunge and set the reels in motion spare a few minutes to have a swim around the paytable to find out exactly what awaits. It’s easy to navigate between the two screens thanks to the large button on the bottom left. It’s also particularly enjoyable that the screen doesn’t just change in the normal way; instead the paytable whooshes in and out via the corner, a nice design touch that adds interest.

To get a win you’ll need to line up identical creatures along an active payline; the more you match, the bigger your prize will be. Some payout for a match of just two while others need a line of three or more. The top value symbol is the blowfish, which pays out 3000 for matching five in a row. This symbol also double up as the wild in the game, stepping in for other regular symbols to make a match.

Go Fishing!

The mention of fishing isn’t likely to be too popular at the bottom of the ocean so keep that quiet as you spin the reels hoping to catch a matching line. You’ll be playing on five reels which have 15 fixed paylines. This means that you can’t alter the number in play.

You can set the value of the coin from 0.01 per line up to the limit of 75.00. This provides a total min bet of 0.15 and a total max bet of 1125.00. There’s plenty of options between these two extreme so those looking to bet somewhere in the middle will have enough choice.

Big Money Bonus

Although it’s possible to win prizes by lining up symbols, bonuses can provide a big boost to the prize money. Wacky Waters contains several bonuses, the first of which is the Puffin’ Up Feature. This focuses on the crazy looking blowfish and activates when it lands on the centre tile on the centre reel. Albert – as the blowfish is known – puffs himself up to the point of no return and as he deflates again he flies all over the gameboard, leaving up to six copies of himself on the reels.

The shy hermit crab offers another bonus which is triggered when you land three or more of this symbol. You’ll have the chance to pick up to 3 shells (depending on how many hermit crabs were on the reels) and each of these contain a prize. What you’re really looking for is the shell which contains the special crab which awards x100 when found.

Albert’s Underwater Bonus is another feature for the popular blowfish. Stuck on an anchor you need to help him escape by choosing which way he needs to swim. He’ll then set off en route and collect the items along the way which could win you multipliers, extra wilds or free spins.

Underwater Antics

Wacky Waters by Playtech is an online video slot which is packed full of features from start to finish. Combine this with a dazzling design with characters which instantly appeal and you have a slot which is certain to be a big hit. There’s a high volatility so the prizes are likely to be less frequent but worth the wait, making this a game best suited to intermediate and advanced players.