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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Any Marvel fan will instantly recognise the musclebound figure dressed in yellow and blue, with claws ready to unsheath from the clenched fists. Wolverine from Playtech is an online video slot which pays homage to one of the best-loved Marvel characters in a gritty and industrial game.

The hulk of Wolverine stands next to the reels, flexed and ready to spring into action when needed. Occasionally, you’ll catch him rolling his neck to stay supple but he never lets his guard down for a second. With the reels set against a barbed wire fence, the game is set in some kind of industrial compound and there’s an undeniable sense of hostility approaching. With the famous dog tags dangling in the middle of the reels, will you escape those dreaded adamantium claws? Here’s a review of Wolverine by Playtech with all the info you need.

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Plan Your Escape

As Professor Xavier – the leader of the X-men – would say, it would be foolhardy to launch onto a mission without first making your plans. Head over to the paytable and see what’s up for grabs before you start spinning the reels. This can help you to decide how much you want to bet and to set up the right strategy for your budget.

To get a win, you’ll need to match up three symbols along any payline; the more you get, the bigger the prize will be. The only exception is Wolverine himself who pays out for matching just two. He also doubles up as the wild for the game, muscling in for other symbols and helping to make winning combinations on the grid. The wild may just be a single or it can be stacked on two or three tiles for the maximum benefit.

Draw Your Claws

Claws out, it’s ready to launch your attack on the game! You’ll be playing on five reels which contain 25 paylines; these are fixed so can’t be reduced during play. You can however alter the value of the coin; this can help you to increase or limit the total stake.

The minimum value of the coin is 0.01 while the top value is 25.00. These values are per line so you’ll need to multiply them by 25 to calculate the total stake for the game. Don’t worry if maths isn’t your strong suit as the game will calculate this automatically for you, giving a total min bet of 0.25 and a max bet of 625.00.

Other features you can use during play include the Auto Spin function, which allows you to take a break while the reels continue to spin, plus the Turbo Boost. This spins the reels much more quickly, speeding up the rate of play.

Go Beserk

In addition to winning prizes by lining up the symbols, there’s some extra features which can help to boost your haul. The Beserker Rage Feature unlocks whenever the Beserker symbol appears on reel 5. The position that he lands in determines the prize that will be given but all involve Wolverine leaping across the reels and slashing with his claws to distribute more wilds. Receive from 2-5 wilds, or transform existing wilds into stacks, this can be a valuable feature.

The real star of the show is the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Jackpot and it’s here that you could scoop some serious cash. There are four different jackpots: Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. Entry into all of these is completely random and can be won by anyone playing, even if they don’t land a win. However, the more you bet the greater chance you have of being chosen. Once you’ve been picked you’re guaranteed at least one of the bonuses but you’ll have to turn over tiles to find matching tiles to try and find three of the same. The tiles you match determine the jackpot you’ve won.

X-tra Special

Wolverine from Playtech is an online video slot which is part of their Marvel Comic collection which also includes other titles such as Iron Man and The X-Men. Wolverine is a firm fans’ favourite so this slot is likely to be an instant hit. Aside from the popularity of the character, the game offers lots of benefits and is packed with different chances of winning making this a great choice for any player.