Rabcat Online Slots

If you’re looking for an online slot game maker who is currently right at the cutting edge of everything that’s great about the newest releases in the market – look no further than Rabcat. The Vienna based firm only entered the industry in 2001, but their recent games are a brilliant mix of top-notch graphics, epic themes, progressive elements – and great fun to play! Back-end services like Obodo and Quick-Fire have also seen Rabcat introduced into some of the biggest casino platforms such as Microgaming. There’s no need to download any of the games, which have all been designed to be played effortlessly in any browsing window.

200 Free Spins + G-Coins
Earn up to 800,000 coins
100,000 Chips
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Rabcat Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Rabcat Innovations

If you love playing for bigger rewards the longer you play, you will love rabcat’s progressive elements – highlighted in one of their latest releases “Castle Builder”. Build 3 castles one after another by collecting building symbols during normal game play, then reap your rewards as the Princess chooses a suitor to marry and live with her in the castle. “Forsaken Kingdom” and “Dragon’s Myth” also have these progressive elements and require you to light several sections around the spin button to trigger unique and impressive bonuses.

Great Graphics

The 3D graphics that Rabcat are now renowned for are as good as the latest films from the likes of Pixar or similar animated film makers, and many of the characters will interact with you as you play. For example, the Furry Monster in “Scary Friends” dances, and the cute penguins in Penguin Splash will dance and clap each time you win. The Penguins even leap into the water to become Fixed Wilds during the Free Spins Bonus.

Favourite Games

If you’re in the mood for dark and broody then look no further than Forsaken Kingdom in which you’ll get to follow King Arthur on an epic quest against the Black Knight. If you’re feeling more fun and friendly, then try Scary Friends or Penguin Splash. Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for a full-night of slot playing then settle in and build a castle in castle builder – it’s great fun!

Company Information

Though Rabcat has only been making online slot game since 2001, the company continues to do a lot of pioneering in the iGaming industry. They also don’t just create great online slot games, as they produce a range of casino table games and video poker games – which are enjoyed in more than 20 different languages around the world.

Rabcat – Here To Stay

After pioneering and producing their latest range of fantastic slot games, Rabcat are not only here to stay – they’re setting the current high and ever improving standards in the online slot game business. Slot players can enjoy their games on multiple levels including aesthetic pleasure, basic game playing, character interaction and progressive elements. Whether you’re a serious slot player or just enjoy them on a now-and-then basis, if you’re not yet played any of Rabcat’s latest range – you’re truly missing out!