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While there are many new online casino software providers springing up every year, not all of them are starting off on the same footing. While some are truly made up of people new to the industry, others are founded by individuals who already have extensive experience in the field. While these companies may be newly formed, they have names that allow them to truly say that they are dependable and trustworthy, even before they produce their first game.

Red Tiger Gaming is a development studio that fits into that category. Although they were founded in 2014, their team is made up of professionals who had already made a name for themselves by developing popular games in both the European and Asian markets. As a new company, this group has just started to make waves in the iGaming field, but that expertise and experience has come in handy: they’ve already been able to partner with some of the biggest names in the gambling world, showing that they are a firm that should be taken seriously.

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Ambitious Slots and More

So Far, Red Tiger has already created more than 30 slot machines, which makes up the bulk of the collection they offer to operators. These games are created not only using the math that powers virtually every online game, but also with the help of game theorists and psychologists in order to create games that both perform well for site owners and give players a fun, enjoyable, and satisfying experience each time they play. It’s an ambitious approach that has led to some very interesting games, most of which are available across both desktop and mobile platforms.

For instance, take one of their latest slots known as Arcade Bomb. First, just opening up the game makes it clear what they were going for thematically: this feels like something that could have come straight out of a 1980’s arcade, complete with lots of neon colors and a sort of techno-pop musical theme that really helps set the mood. Over the game’s five reels and 20 paylines, you’ll be tasked with matching fruits, bars, bells, and sevens – all the classics that gamblers have been trying to combine for decades.

However, this game has a very innovative feature: the bomb symbols. When any bomb lands on the reels, it will stay there with a countdown timer. When it counts down to zero, it will explode, turning every position in the blast radius into a random (but identical) symbol. There are four different kinds of bombs that explode in different patterns; additionally, any bomb caught in a blast will also explode, causing a chain reaction. It’s a very fun feature that keeps players invested in playing a few more spins, since you never want to waste a potentially lucrative explosion. In addition, all wins pay if you hit three or more in a row – even if that combo didn’t start on the first reel.

Next up is Gems Gone Wild, which uses that same “anywhere on the payline” payouts feature, complete with the five reel, 20 payline format. This game uses a very simple set of symbols: a number of beautiful gems, each of which is a different color (most are also different shapes, making them a bit easier to distinguish). Plenty of symbols are stacked, which lends itself to big wins on multiple lines. However, the real special feature here is that at any time, any symbol could go wild. Often, these happen in multiples, making it suddenly very easy to book lots of wins. In addition, every time a new wild appears, you’ll get a free respin, piling on the rewards.

Finally, let’s talk about Epic Journey, a fantasy-themed slot that starts out using the basic five-reel, 20 payline structure seen above. But instead of just one interesting special feature, this game is loaded with them. There’s the epic staff that can randomly fly across the reels, guaranteeing a huge win. There are wilds that expand to fill entire reels, nudges that can help you when you just miss a win, and giant 3×3 symbols that cover most of the screen. There are surprises in store on almost every spin, and we haven’t even covered all of the features hidden on this machine! It goes without saying that this is one slot that will always keep you on your toes.

It should be obvious by this point that while some companies may talk about innovation, this is one studio that has really done the work to make unique games with features that are just a bit different than what you’ll see on the “standard” titles that are so prevalent in the iGaming industry. Every game feels like a special experience, and it would be easy to see different players having wildly varying opinions on each one – something we think is high praise, since slots have a tendency to feel very similar at most developers. A few of the other machines we enjoyed from this company include:

  • Lucky Wizard
  • Temple of Gold
  • Rainbow Jackpots
  • Lucky Fortune Cat
  • Stage 888
  • Gold Star
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Blue Diamond

While it is not the focus of the studio, Red Tiger has also created a handful of table games that are designed to round out the collection. Right now, that means just three classic games: baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Each of these games features straightforward action and quick gameplay, along with other information on screen: for instance, the baccarat table features all of the results tracking you might like in whatever format you need it (including Big Road, Small Road, and Bead Plate charts). There’s nothing outstanding here, but it is a nice compliment to the slots portfolio they’ve built.

Powerful Partnerships

While Red Tiger may be a young company, there’s no doubt that the industry is taking them seriously. We know this because of the names that have decided to use these games on their sites. These include some of the biggest corporations and operators in the world, such as PokerStars, Betfair, Paddy Power, Coral, and betsson. These are massive groups that can afford any games they want; for them to take a shot on a young company like this one says a lot.

Why have so many big names been drawn to Red Tiger? We think it again goes back to just how much work the provider puts into their games, and how many different angles they look at their products from before releasing them. The fact that they consider not just the return to player or how much money a slot might make, but also what will be the most fun for players and provide the best experience, is something that benefits both operators and gamblers alike.

One of Our Favorites

Red Tiger may be young, but they’ve already created some of the best and most entertaining slot machines on the market today. They might not have the reach of some of the giant firms with larger collections of games, but their strategic partnerships with the biggest gaming companies in the world have put their products in front of a lot of players, which bodes very well for their future.

Of course, none of that would mean much if we didn’t think their games would appeal to you, the players. Thankfully, these are also some of the most engaging and innovative slots we’ve played in a long time, making Red Tiger one of the better additions to the world of online casino software of the past few years. If you haven’t given these games a try yet, we highly recommend signing up at one of the reputable casinos that offer their collection and taking a look at just what you’ve been missing out on.