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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Explore the online world under the heat of the African sun with Safari, the video slot from developer Magnet Gaming. Small but perfectly formed, this 3-reel adventure really packs in the bonus features to keep players on their toes. There are cartoon creatures as far as the eye can see with lion, giraffe, rhino and zebra filling the reels from top to bottom.

With an innovative stacking action, the reels on Safari offer a different style of play and there’s three extra side games plus two progressive jackpots too. But will your adventure across the savanna be a success? Here’s a review of Safari by Magnet Gaming with all the info you need to know.

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A Different Play

Safari is a 3-reeler, but it has a different style of play than other slots. These reels don’t spin, instead they cascade into position. In a 3×3 configuration, when you hit the spin button all of the tiles disappear through the bottom of the screen before then being dropped into position from above, not unlike a pile of boxes being stacked up! If a win appears on any of the reels, the matching tiles are taken out and three more dropped into position so there’s the chance of a second win at any time. Each of the reels has a multiplier two and this will be applied to any way you rack up.

As a 3-reel game, the developers have chosen to plump for an “all ways to win” style of play. This means that although you need three in a row to get a payout, any direction will do. Three tiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally on any of the reels will win you a prize. This is a much simpler style of play and easier to understand than the conventional paylines. You’ll still need to choose your bet but without conventional paylines you won’t have a bet per line. Instead select from levels of betting from 1-10. This creates a total min bet of 0.40 and a total max bet of 9.60.

Incredible Adventure

Although you can get some good prizes simply by matching up the symbols on the main reels, the bonus plays are where you can earn some extras without having to spend any more credits. The Treasure Hunt is one of the bonus features you’ll find, and here you’ll need to find the missing pieces of the figure. The next bonus you could unlock is the Photo Safari where you’ll be trying to land a certain symbol on a specified reel if you want to progress.

In the Jewel of Africa, you’ll be playing a bonus where your job is to move around a map of the continent collecting jewels as you go. Rolling a dice determines how far you will move one each turn, but you’ll have to use your logic skills to decide which direction to travel in for the greatest rewards. There’s also the chance to play on the Super Jackpot Flash and scoop a huge prize if the symbol is uncovered on the map.

Tour Africa

With such a big and beautiful country, it’s hardly any surprise that you want to stay a while longer – and you can do so with one of the many African themed slots on the market. King of Africa from WMS was originally a big hit as a land-based game and now it’s brought its success into the digital world. With 20 paylines, 5 reels and the possibility of scooping a cool 150,000, there’s plenty to play for here. Savanna’s Life from EGT is another which began in arcades originally but since then has also become a big hit online. Five reels, 20 paylines, free spins and a bonus round make it a popular choice.

Comprehensive Play

If you like slots which are packed full of features, it’s easy to dismiss a 3-reeler as being too basic. However Safari from Magnet Gaming has a whole range of side games and bonuses available as well as a more innovative style of play. With a high level of volatility, this isn’t really a slot for beginners but the multi-level bonus plays are guaranteed to keep more experienced players entertained even if they can’t bet particularly high.