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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The number of real money slot games around right now is borderline ridiculous, as developers continue to release new games in the hope of grabbing your attention. Saucify is a name that probably doesn’t resonate with many, as since its launch under the name BetOnSoft back in 2006 it’s certainly found momentum hard to come by.

While they’ve gone big on the funny in some instances (i.e. Monkey Business and Tails of New York), anything worthy of flagship status has pretty much been non-existent. Midnight Racer is developer’s newest creation; with Saucify actually ear marking the game to be something special.

The buzz surrounding Midnight Racer has slowly been building in recent months, as some truly believe that this will be the game that pushes Saucify into the mainstream. Ignoring the hype, is Midnight Racer a game worth playing? The following review delivers the true story!

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Back of the Pack

We usually love it when a developer ties in a game to on-going film or franchise, but not when the franchise in question is a decade past its best. This game just looks and feels dated, as Midnight Racer channels the spirit of the original Fast and Furious movie. Knock off characters appear all over the place, with the game looking pretty tacky on the grand scheme of things. The actual original move they are copying has aged badly, so we just can’t get why Saucify thought this would be a great idea for a real money slots game. In a plus point, the production values in Midnight Racer are pretty good, so you can expect crystal clear, HD-like visuals.

What works to bring Midnight Racer up somewhat slightly in our estimation are the symbols used, as the low value icons actually look quite good. Glowing on screen, the usual card suite icons have been given a pretty modern looking makeover. Sadly, it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back, as the high value symbols are pretty boring, with the “characters” featured being cliché at best.

Moving Through the Gears

It’s pretty fair to say that Midnight Racer is uninspiring in appearance, with the game dragging its feet on the graphics front. That being said, it does at least have some redeeming features with its gameplay. Across 5-reels, 3-rows, and 30-paylines, this game can be fun to play in movements, with the animations giving the game some additional zip. Payment wise, getting involved with Midnight Race is going to cost you at least 0.30, which is a pretty approachable figure in our eyes.

Running on Empty

As you play Midnight Racer, you get this feeling that Saucify didn’t quite know what they wanted the game to be. This comes through pretty clear in its bonus features, as while the wilds and free spins are okay, but there is pretty much nothing else here to enjoy. No bonus round games, no second round experiences, and no additional extras, the game is just lacking those additional playing incentives that most players demand.

We can honestly say that if Saucify has ambitions of being a big time name they have to improve on the bonus features front, as the current offering through the likes of Midnight Racer just doesn’t cut it.

Hands on the Wheel

If you’ve played a Saucify game before, the controls here will be well known, but that probably isn’t a good thing in all honesty. The buttons, while fitting to the theme of Midnight Racer, are fiddly at best. These old cumbersome controls have to be put out to pasture, largely as they are hugely ineffectual. Putting it simply, any game that forces you through a multitude of screens to control things has serious problems.

Midnight Racer Stalls When It Comes to Slots Action!

When Midnight Race was first announced we really were excited by it, sadly after playing it our excitement dissipated. This game does absolutely nothing out of the ordinary; in fact, for the most part this game is pretty boring in execution. The theme is tacky and cliché, the gameplay is middle of the road, and the bonus elements are fairly uninspiring, overall we think that Saucify must do better than this with future releases.