Playing online slots brings forth a sense of excitement, thrills and non-stop action – if you’re playing the right sort of game for you, that is. From the excitement of the reels stopping their spin and providing a winning combination, through to the wild and scatter icons that payout extra winnings, and the bonus and freespin rounds that allow you to claim balance-boosting wins. Not only that, but there’s also several actual game features that provide instant extra pleasure and excitement.

One of those added features is the win both ways integration. For something that might seem so minor when compared to such specialities as freespins rounds or transferring wilds, win both ways can have just as much of a positive effect as any other special feature. That being the case, if you’re able to find a game that includes this particular feature alongside any other greats like the aforementioned wilds or bonus rounds, you’re in for a treat.

What Exactly Occurs with This Feature?

As many people who play slot games will know, spinning the reels will result in either a winless round or a selection of symbols that match up to form a winning combination. As standard, products tends to offer a variety of paylines that will usually payout when a combination is formed from the left hand side of the game to the right. However, it’s sometimes quite frustrating to see three or more symbols match up from the right of the game to the left, knowing that a payout could be received from such a match-up had it been from left to right.

Should a product incorporate this feature into its offerings, you’ll be more than delighted to find that your frustrations are washed away. This allows wins to be generated, as its name suggests, from both left to right and right to left, meaning that you needn’t worry about those pesky three symbol match-ups that are formed across at the other side of the reels. And with such a great feature activated in a game, you’ll definitely be in with a stronger chance of generating some bigger payouts.


In general, if a game states that it includes the win both ways feature, it’s more-than-likely that it will include it as a standard extra. Therefore, it should be active and available to take advantage of from the moment you start spinning the reels.

However, there are some instances where games will provide it as a speciality that can only be accessed via freespin or bonus rounds, meaning that the base game will only include payouts when symbols match on a pay line from the left side of the interface. In that instance, the feature will only be able to be utilised in the aforementioned bonus round.

Any Restrictions?

There aren’t really any restrictions per se when it comes to a game that includes this speciality. However, it’s sometimes possible that the wagers you’re able to place are higher than those included in games without it included. Some games will give you the option of placing a maximum standard bet, or manually activating the talked about feature for a bet increase, which sometimes doubles your chosen stake.

That being said, doubling your wager does also double your chances of securing a winning combination from the activation of it, so overall, you aren’t particularly losing out on anything.

Where Can I Take Advantage of this Feature?

Many casinos now provide games by developers who have incorporated the win both ways feature into their products. One of the most popular games to include such is Netent’s ‘Starburst’. In actuality, it provides the game with one of its stand out additions, and has proved to be very much one of Netent’s all time greats.

Dragon Island‘, also by Netent, is another game to incorporate this particular offering into its main game, meaning that you’re able to get fully enveloped in its fantasy theme without missing out on a win from the right hand side. You can also play the same feature on Playtech’s ‘Highway Kings’ game, bringing all the fun of truckers and their journeys to your screen while you try and secure multiple wins.

Finally, why not check out the ‘Crazy Chameleons’ product from Microgaming? As well as including our talked about feature, it also provides some stunning graphics and amusing game play alongside.