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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you love the thrill of an adrenaline rush then Extreme Games, the online video slot from Spielo may be worth a look.

Filled with daredevil activities, you’ll have the chance to experience some of the most exciting sports as you play on the reels for instant cash prizes.

But will you have a rush of blood to the head? Here’s a look at Extreme Games by Spielo with all the facts you need to know.

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Taking It to the Limit

Extreme Games is an online video slot which is designed to celebrate the sports and activities which really push boundaries and get the pulse rate soaring.

From white water rafting to rock-climbing, skydiving, surfing and motor racing, there’s just about every discipline represented on the reels.

However, although the idea may sound rad in practice it’s a slight disappointment visually. The cartoon-like graphics are fairly nondescript and look tired and dated rather than cool retro. There’s no background design to pep up your interest and first impressions are of a game that doesn’t have much to offer.

But despite the rather lacklustre appearance, this is a game that’s filled with features and includes some seriously big payouts. Therefore if you can get past your initial disappointment over the aesthetics, you could still enjoy a top notch slot!

Spin to Win

If you like to play hard and fast, you’ll have no objection to getting those reels in motion to begin the game.

This slot has 5 reels which are set up in the typical 5×3 configuration with 25 paylines. You can reduce the number of paylines you have by using the on screen controls. There are preset options which drop by 2 per time allowing you to shrink your betting stake if the need arises.

You can also decide on the value of the coin from the lowest value of 0.01 to the limit of 10. This provides a min bet of 0.25 when played on all paylines and a total max bet of 250.00 for the high rollers.

The payouts on the reels for this slot are pretty impressive but if you play on a max bet and win, you could be in the money.

Some of the higher value prizes pay out for a match of just two, with the top value symbol providing a win of 100,000 for matching five.

More Than Your Basic Reels

Although you can win prizes by matching up symbols on the reels there’s some extras which can help win you some more extreme payouts.

Take a look at the champagne bottle being popped against the chequered flag and a win at motorsports will probably spring into mind. However, on this occasion it’s the scatter symbol too, meaning that it can hand out free spins with up to 25 up for grabs.

There’s also the wild too, signified by the skateboarder. This symbol can stand in for all other symbols apart from the scatter and bonus.

The bonus feature can be unlocked when you’ve accumulated enough points on the game. These points are acquired every time the bonus symbol appears and once you reach 1000, you’ll be eligible to play MotoX High Jumps. During this side feature you’ll be able to choose a rider whose job it is to jump as high as possible. The higher you manage to go, the bigger the ultimate payout will be.

Your rider will have five attempts to climb as high as possible so pick carefully to get the biggest prize you can!

And if all this excitement starts to become too much for you, then you can take a break without backing off on your chances to win. Auto Play is a feature that’s included in this slot, allowing the reels to continue to spin without you needing to lift a single finger. And when you decide you want to get involved once more, you only have to click on the screen to switch it back off again.

Feel the Burn

Extreme Games is an online video slot from Spielo which recreates the thrilling action from some of the most exciting sports and activities. The game has lots of top features and chances to win making it a popular choice with players of all levels of experience.