Knights of Glory Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Take a step back in time and rejoin the Middle Ages where you can joust for the princess’ honour in Knights of Glory, the online video slot from Spielo.

Show off your courage and skill at using the lance while riding artfully on horseback as you spin the reels to grab instant cash wins.

But will all your hopes of a big prize go tumbling to the ground? Here’s a review of Knights of Glory by Spielo…

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Assess Your Chances

Jousting is a pretty risky sport so you’ll need to be on your best game if you want to emerge as the victor.

You’ll be playing on 5 reels which are configured in the standard set up of 5×3 with a maximum of 15 paylines. You can choose to reduce the number of paylines in play if you prefer by using the control button on screen.

Choosing how many credits to bet per line is another effective way of controlling how much each spin costs, and ensuring that you don’t blow your entire budget with just one spin. The total minimum bet is 0.15. At the opposite end of the spectrum you can push it up to 10.00 per line, giving a total maximum bet of 150.00.

The amount you choose on the screen is per line so don’t forget to look at the left hand side of the screen to see how much this will cost in total per bet. This saves you from having to calculate the figure manually.

In return, you’ll be able to win a payout for matching up identical symbols along an active payline. Bar the two lowest symbols which pay out at three or more, the rest of the gameboard will give you a win for a match of just two.

Gather Your Riches

In the Middle Ages, having plenty of gold was a major deal if you wanted to live a comfortable life and avoid some of the misery that the poorer folk had to endure. So if you’re spinning these reels you could just find yourself lucky enough to bag a bigger booty to keep the rats from your door.

There are some extras on the reels which can help you to collect a higher prize, in addition to the regular symbols you can line up and match. Everyone loves to see a White Knight and in this game it will be doubly the case as he acts as the wild. Regular slots players will be familiar with the function of a wild and will understand how it can substitute for others on the reels and help to create a winning combination more easily. The only drawback is that it can’t substitute for the jackpot, bonus or free spins symbols.

To claim free spins you’ll need to line up at least three of the symbols on the reels. For landing three you’ll win 8 free spins, but if you manage to land all five your prize will increase to 30 free spins. More free spins can be retriggered during play.

Big Money Jousts

Even in the Middle Ages it was possible to play for serious cash, and here in Knights of Glory there’s two higher value games as well.

Although you’re free to play with whatever value you prefer from the parameters, if you opt for a max bet you open up the possibility of a jackpot win. Only winnable if you’re playing at the highest level, the jackpot is awarded if you land all five jackpot symbols on the reels.

There’s also a special bonus game that only becomes unlocked when you have sufficient points. You get these by landing certain symbols; these accumulate and once you have reached 1,000 points you can play the bonus.

In this feature, you’ll need every ounce of experience as you’ll be jousting against other knights. The more you defeat, the more money you’ll win with up to 100,000 on offer if you beat all four.

Glory Days

Knights of Glory is an online video slot from Spielo which is a historical jape, taking a trip back in time and injecting it with a twist of humour. While the graphics are fairly basic and bland, the gameplay is fun and there aer lots of chances to win big payouts.